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I'll be at both games when the Wings visit Dallas. I want to take some signs for FSD since the game will be on there, but the game is also going to be on Versus, which will actually become NBC Sports on Jan 2. I was hoping I could get some ideas for both networks so I had the chance to get on TV repping the Wings. I figured if I did an NBC Sports sign I could get on there since it will be a new network and I am assuming they would be talking about it to some degree. I'm thinking about those signs where people substitute the network acronym for something else team related.

I don't have any great ideas, so that's where you come in. All I have so far is:

FSD: Forget Stopping Datsyuk (appropriate if he scores)

No ideas for NBC Sports yet, but I thought it would be funny if I made a sign that says "Stop talking about Chicago Olczyk". I'm sure they wouldn't put it on TV but it'd still be funny.

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I know this doesn't answer your questions, but whenever I go to a game, or any event for that matter, I always carry my " I SNUCK IN" sign...looks hilarious when seen on tv...or maybe its just me

I think it's pretty funny.

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