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  1. Im going to jump in here for a second. I feel like this argument has gotten blown out of proportion. (correct me if I'm wrong) but I feel all mackel meant about drafting some Canadians is that historically Canada has obviously been a power house until recent years (I am a huge fan of the global parity that has surfaced btw) and that is largely in part to hockey being such a huge part of the culture here. I dont think he meant anything other than he would give the edge to a Canadian if he had to make the choice. Simple as that.
  2. Still 2 hours left. I know there are reports that we are "done" but you never know, plenty of time for a couple more moves.
  3. Vanek has been scratched for tonight's game
  4. Sounds like Sharp may be injured. If this is true, it will really sky rocket the market for Vanek
  5. Interestingly enough, I believe it is his son Jonathan Dahlen that the Canucks got yesterday when they traded Burrows to Ottawa. Looks like a very promising prospect for them.
  6. 2nd and 3rd round picks in 2017 for Smith! A nice haul!
  7. Smith should be heading to the Rangers shortly, apparently for a 2nd rounder and another pick per McKenzie
  8. I know eh? I just have this feeling that Holland might think the offers for Smith and Vanek are "not good enough" and then we will end up losing these guys in the summer for nothing. God I hope I am wrong...
  9. Am I the only one who has a horrible feeling that we don't trade anyone and miss out on these high prices?
  10. Oh ok right on, I am in Kelowna. Not many on here will know where that is but you certainly will
  11. Ill double check what seats I have when I get home from work and post them on here for sure! Where you hail from Nerve?
  12. Ill be at the Holiday Inn on Washington boulevard!
  13. I will also be making my first trip to Detroit (from Western Canada )in just over a week to see them play at the Joe! I am going to see them against the Pens and Habs. Thanks for all this info guys I cant wait to go. I will be staying at a hotel only a couple blocks from the arena, what are the best bars/breweries within walking distance? Cheers