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2/4 GDT : Red Wings 4 at Oilers 5 (SO)

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This is the second game away from home for me, I had to watch what I could of the Wings/Canucks game on my 11.5" screen on my laptop >.< so tonight I'm going to try and see if the flash version of the freeredwings.tv stream will work via my in-laws Wii and if I can get it to come up on their big flatscreen tv.

Saddest thing, I got so excited when I saw the Wings/Canucks game on their tv guide (because apparently you can buy Fox Sports Detroit as part of a fox sports pack) and they don't have a subscription to it :(

If the Wii doesn't work, I suppose it'll be another night of squinting and reloading. /sigh

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Boy did Reaves with St. Louis and McGrath with Nashville just have a scrap. Good game tonight from Nashville. A good lead in to the Red Wings at 10

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Let the route begin guys and might as well have the entire team rest while Jimmy's injured b/c they are all losses!

Now we know why Darren Helm is the fastest player in the league who can't score.

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