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#8 Los Angeles Kings vs. #2 St. Louis Blues

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Wow, I must admit I am pretty surprised to see support for the Kings, but it's pretty cool. I joined this site awhile back to see what the Wings fans had to say. I don't post much because a couple members thought I was trolling even though I have never talked s***. I just like talking hockey with other fans.

Anyway, we long suffering Kings fans are pretty stoked to be where we are. Of course it will all be for nothing if we don't win the Cup!

As someone who's a Wings and Kings fan (Wings first of course, but Kings a close second) I love watching the Kings because it's a style of hockey I'd love for the Wings to be able to play someday soon, now that they don't have enough high end talent to rely completely on puck possession.

The Kings are hard hitting, great defensively, incredible goaltending, and while I don't know that they have a fighter who strikes fear in the heart of people, they have so many guys in the lineup that will drop the gloves if necessary. Including now Kopitar after Burrows went after him like the ***** that he is.

And the team is so friggin young it's crazy. I don't know how many people realize that while Brown has been on the Kings for 7 seasons now, he's only 27 years old. And I keep forgetting Kopitar is only 24. Quick is 26. Doughty is only 22. And Voynov is logging 17+ minutes a game in the playoffs as a 22 year old rookie. It's fun to see. On the Wings Holland would still have these guys stuck in the AHL. :P

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Cheering hard for Rags Kings. The two Vezinafrontrunners faceing each other one and one. You gotta wonder how much longer Tortarella will sit Scott?

New York vs. LA would be a great final from a media standpoint.

I can already see the Tonight Show jokes. :hehe:

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