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Mike Knuble

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Mike Knuble wants to finish his career in Detroit: 'Detroit would be a nice story since I was drafted there. Ill make no secret about that'.

I've always liked Knuble.. but I am not sure if there is room for another average forward on the roster..

He had a bit of an off year last year but has performed pretty consistently in the past so maybe an option if the Wings strike out on Ryan, Doan and Semin..

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theres just no room and pretty sure they would give that spot to holmstrom over knuble.

breaking it down.

dats, z, franzen, filppula are 4 for sure of top 6

nyquist, brunner (babs said awhile ago he will start in top 6 for what its worth), bert, sammy, cleary could all be in top 6 or bottom 6... on bubble

helm, abs (if re-signed), miller, eaves, mursak, emmerton, tootoo + 3 of the 5 bubble players would be a whopping 10 players for 6 positions.

lines id prefer to start

nyquist datsyuk brunner

filppula zetterberg franzen

cleary helm sammy

bert abs tootoo / miller / eaves / mursak / emmerton

first line is uber talented... maybe wont work long term but if they click, look out. i feel with the contract tootoo signed (1.9 mill) that he will be in the line-up more often then not... if we intend on keeping "everyone", nyquist and brunner could be sent down which to me would be nonsense as i feel they are two of our more talented forwards at this point but given their 2way contracts.. it is possible.

say we keep what we have and cant make any moves

cleary datsyuk sammy

filp zberg franzen

bert helm eaves

miller abs tootoo emmerton / mursak

kronwall white

quincey ericcson

kindl smith



22 players total... could add a depth defensemen as well to round it out

no matter how you slice it... knuble doesnt fit

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Guest Hatethedrake!

If Kenny deals Flip, Nyquist and a 1st to get Yandle then there might be room...





Miller, Mursak






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I never said I thought they should sign him, I was just pointing out that he wants to play here. I do agree though, that Holmstrom would probably get signed first.

The only way I think Knuble would have a shot at serious consideration is if the Wings did package a bunch of forwards for a d-man.

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