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  1. What I do remember is that havig him in the lineup didn't stop Laperriere from elbowing Lidstrom.
  2. Emelin would never fight anyone cause he has a steel plate in his skull after beating by Svitov in Russia. So having McKee wouldn't change anything.
  3. So much for "banging on the table for a year" (c) Ron Francis.
  4. Wish they've banned Nazarov too
  5. Great deal
  6. signed

    Fine with that
  7. signed

    May be the words offseason ever since I started following the Wings. We lost Datsyuk, couldn't land Stamkos, and resigned BOTH Miller and Helm, with the latter being way overpaied and "overtermed". It's gonna be a long-long season. On the bright side, we miss playoffs and Ilitches recognise that a change is a must. Edit: misprints
  8. I think as someone said earlier, this trade is may be in MTL favor for the 2-3 years, after that - NSH clearly wins, because of Weber's caphit and term. As for Preds D for today - having guys like Josi, Ellis and Ekholm still leaves their D one of the best in the league. And with Rinne in goal and guys like Forsberg, Neal and Johansen upfront they are much closer to the Cup than Habs.
  9. Speaking with the words of some unknown Detroit rapper, "Will the real Darren Helm please stand up"
  10. If the Leafs are certain to sign Stamkos, they could draft Laine. Guy is Ovi 2.0. Otherwise, a franchise C is more important, and they don't have any. Then again, they can draft Matthews, sign Stamkos and trade away Kadri - their C will be very strong then with Stamkos, Matthews and Bozak... Anyway, as good as Laine is, I would still draft C. Aho is already drafted by Hurricanes
  11. "...ridiculous "injury" that the russian faked" Try to put on the shin guard and then ask somebody to slash you with full force right behind the knee, where the shin guard doesn't protect you, and then pray that your MCL remains not damaged. I've strained my MCL once, I couldn't get up for a couple of minutes. Edit: spelling
  12. I remember that Leafs owe us a draft pick, can someone clarify which one?
  13. GDT

    This team needed 1 win in 2 games to get into the playoffs. I guess they really wanted to go golfing, but damn Sens are owning the Bruins, so they'll have to play 4 more games. Embarrassing, one of the worst Red Wings season I've seen. Just hope that Blashill and Holland will make some conclusions after this season, because I don't hope for anything in the postseason
  14. Hope he gets a couple of games. I waited for someone to retaliate in some way, and there was a moment on a PK when Abby wanted to smash the scum along the boards but missed.