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if we can find a couple of power forwards.....

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You all seem to forget that Holland likes to keep his own players first and foremost... as much as I think Bert and Sammy should be bought out, they probably won't. Cleary has something on someone, so he will be re-signed and unless a playoff favorite offers a nice deal for Filppula, he will get his asking price of $4.5M (if that rumor is true.) Couple those in with re-signing Smith, Howard, Brunner, Andersson, Kindl and possibly Miller and Huskins there will be hardly any cap room or roster space...

In my perfect world, Holland does the following. (and I will use your guys want for Clarkson just for example)

Say goodbye to UFA's Cleary, Miller, White. Re-sign RFA's Andersson, Smith & Kindl...re-sign UFA's Brunner, Filppula, Howard & Huskins...

Sign FA D-man Danny Dekeyser and sign your guy Clarkson. Then buyout Sammy and Bertuzzi and waive Colaiacovo making our roster look like this:

Tatar - Dastyuk - Clarkson

Flip - Zetterberg - Brunner

Fatty - Helm - Tootoo

Eaves - Emmerton - Abdelkader

Andersson (Sheahan)

Kronwall - Ericsson

Smith - Lashoff

Quincey - Dekeyser

Kindl (Huskins)



...that is an ideal roster moving forward next season and growing together. Now if Holland cannot fit all this under the cap, then other routes will need to be explored, obviously...

also I am not sure of Nyquist's status for waiver or not. If he cannot be sent down then of course he will take the place of Tatar to begin the season....

All fixed. Let fatty earn some ice time for a change on the 3rd line.

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