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Andrej Sustr signs with Tampa Bay

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No, don't get it wrong. Sustr's ceiling is supposed to surpass that of Danny DeKeysers. Only, they project that Danny DeKeyser is more matured and developed at this current time. Sustr needs a year or two to develop his game, but that's expected in reality. DeKeyser took a HUGE step in his game going from Junior to Senior year. He still says that if he feels at the end of this season, his body isn't up to shape to NHL standards he would have no problem waiting it out and playing another year before hitting the big show. He's very adamant about being ready for the NHL and not jumping the gun too early. The only thing that really scares me about Tampa Bay is:

a.) They have Steve Yzerman as their GM now. We got to experience Yzerman throughout his playing years. We look to him as our baby Jesus basically (I do). I would LOVE to play hockey under Steve Yzerman, no doubt about it.

b.) They have a younger group of players and lifestyle off the ice.

c.) They have an up and coming team, with a huge blueline.

d.) His defensive partner through his career and currently, is with Tampa Bay. He would beable to stick with him.

Luckily for US:

a.) He has played under Jeff Blashill previously with Western. Jeff Blashill now coaches the Griffins, so he would have experience with the coach.

b.) He wants to be fully developed and he wants to be in a good development camp; the wings can supply that

c.) He grew up watching the Wings

d.) Jim Nill is close with his family, and I believe he has played hockey with Nill's son.

e.) He is most likely dating, or screwing around with the ladies near WMU right now. He is a younger player. He can play for the Red Wings, his childhood team, and be local to all the friends and girls he knows. He could continue relationships that he previously has right now (I can't for sure say he has one right now, but i'm almost positive he does.) We all know how much relationships can play apart in signings, look no further than Parise and Suter.

f.) **edit** oh yeah, he would continue playing at the Joe, which he's experienced so much memories with WMU.

g.) He see's his childhood team having defensive troubles right now. He knows he can plug a very big hole in that defense right now. Wouldn't you love to be that guy your team needed? You know they just lost out on Suter. You know they didn't get Sustr. You know the free agent market is weak for defensemen. You could boost your team's defensive core with them losing no assets.

Valid points all around. Though I did have a nice chuckle at the screwing around with chicks near WMU part :lol:

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It's all on Holland. Nobody can offer him more money, nobody can offer him more years. It just all depends if Holland really wants to make his team better now AND down the road by giving this kid a contract and the icetime all for the cost of ZERO in return. The ONLY reason Dekeyser doesn't sign with the Wings is because Holland wouldn't guarantee him NHL time. And if he signs somewhere else then Holland really needs to be fired for refusing to make his team better...this is a no brainer on both ends, it's all up to Holland. If he loses out on Danny D, I will lose ALL faith in Holland as a competent GM. Period.

Absolutely it's all on Holland but somethings are just out of his reach. Every team is going to be gunning for DeKeyser. We just have to rely on Holland pushing the right buttons. I wouldn't say guaranteed NHL ice-time is the sure-shot thing with signing DeKeyser. Look at Sustr for example, Steve Yzerman came out and made it known that this contract wasn't including guaranteed NHL ice-time. Sustr is planning on arriving at TB HQ after their road trip and start conducting practices and evaluation. Granted, DeKeyser is more developed than Sustr, still it goes to show that either of them actually require NHL time within their contract. If you read what I had posted a little earlier you can see that I state that DeKeyser stated that he didn't mind sitting another year out of the NHL if he felt his body wasn't big enough for the NHL. He wanted to smooth out the edges of his game before stepping within the big leagues. That's great character, and something that belongs within the Detroit franchise.

We can look at it this way also: if DeKeyser comes to Detroit, Holland doesn't have to worry about getting that stay-at-home defensemen we're all screaming about. He can focus strictly on getting the top 6 scoring help. This allows for him to trade off some of our fat at defense and include some prospects and get a gain. Granted, we can't get the most oustanding return right now, we do have some pieces to move and DeKeyser would help moving them along for what we need.

**EDIT** Also, I'm not absolutely saying that DeKeyser is a top-4 puck moving stay at home defensemen but he sure as hell has the potential to be one fairly quick. Holland wouldn't have to worry about getting that top-4 defense men that we're all looking for, DeKeyser would be within the system and possibly top 4 material within a year or two. Allows for the others to mature and our blueline will be looking HEALTHY in a few.

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Absolutely agree Evil! If Dekeyser comes here, Holland can focus on that sniper during the off season. (I don't think one will come via deadline, unless Iginla comes cheap.)

I just hope that Detroit really is the frontrunner and with Q's injury and White's ruff play, he should get at least half of the remaining games...should be a no brainer since he can only make so much money for so many years from any team...I pray the Hockey Gods shine on us this time...we have lost out on a lot of highly sought after UFA's this year due to being outbid, family, desire to play in their hometown...well With Dekeyser all those things point back to Detroit...nobody can outbid us, his family is here, in his hometown...Danny D if you are out there and happen to get wind of this, listen to our prayers and become a Red Wing...You know you will be here for life...

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