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Mantha is crushing the Q, 4 goals and an assist tonight

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I went to the mooseheads game friday night not just to see Drouin back and enjoy him while he is here, but to check out this kid given all the wraps.

I think he wound up with 1 assist and 2 penalties on the night.

But yes his plus/minus is simply because he plays for a crap team, Val-D'or are garbage, and while the moose are still playing reasonably well they aren't the same team without Mackinnon, Frk, Abeltshauser and MacAuley.

He certainly wasn't setting the world on fire when he was on the ice, he didn't stand out.

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why would you say that?

He means in the Q. Not his NHL rights. I think.

Probably because Mantha's current team sucks. It would help his growth if he got dealt to a contender and was able to play in the Memorial Cup tournament.

If this doesn't happen, that's great too. He'll join the Griffins when Val d'or's season is over, which will be early, because that team isn't going anywhere in the playoffs.

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