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Sweden Unveils Olympic Jerseys

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For the record, I hate the Reebok System. I don't care if they're lighter and more comfortable and all the same and whatever. Look at the Avs jerseys from the mid-90s and look at them now. The Evil Powers That Be said, "You know what, this stuff needs to be cheaper. Dirt cheap. But we're gonna charge the same for retail. Hahaha!"

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Nike must have a contract with the IOC or IIHF vs. with National Olympic committees like Roots or The Bay have had with Canada in the past.

I guess it is similar to the NHL where the teams can't source their own supplier for uniforms, the league would want some level of "uniformity" when it comes to jerseys, etc.

Yeah, Nike has a contract with someone, I'm not sure if it's the IOC or IIHF. They are the official uniform supplier.

Tackla was the supplier in the late 80s and early 90s.

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