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The ECHL BULLS charge out of business, ole!

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The funny thing is, every team in that conference has now made the playoffs. It was a joke already with 8 of 9 making it, but now it's even funnier.

How is a hockey club going under ever funny? That doesn't really do the game we love any good, does it?

Anyhow, I think the NHL needs to pay more attention to the AA clubs, reign them in like they have with the AHL a bit. The CHL and the ECHL should be merged, weak teams should be dropped, and there should be one AA farm league, period.

Another idea: maybe the western CHL and ECHL clubs could be reformed into "AHL West" like the BoG has wanted to create for the past couple seasons.

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Kind of makes you wonder how a team could lose millions in such a short period of time. I'm sure their team payroll is much less than $1M per year.

Dollar hotdog night, every night + Larry Murphy as new color commentator = Bankruptcy. It's as simple as that.

Edit: That's why FSD let him go. Too much of a strain on their promotional capacity. You should have seen how flagrantly he took advantage of the "Homer for the Holidays" ticket package in years past. Disgusting!

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