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Classy move by Tootoo.

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Toots should have been up all year! Defensive liabilty and not great skater who fuxking cares. Easily a 25-35 pt guy with mins each night.

Why not use his assets as an an actual asset. Would it not be a good move to give Marxhand his own tactics back and maybe the ***** rat would actually fight. I know babs hates it but having he, lucic or chara off the ice 5 mins seems like a win.

One thing always said about Toots off the ice..classiest guy youll ever come across.

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Guest Playmaker

Me neither. But it's even more of a mystery why he signed here.

I don't think he was exactly a coveted free agent by other teams. I'm guessing they didn't say, hey we're going to sign you to a 3 year deal, give you very little chance to play even though you're doing exactly what was expected,then say nice things, but then banish him to the minors.

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