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11/7 GDT : Devils 2 at Red Wings 4

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I think they're being ultra cautious with groins this year. Better to sit for a week than try to play through it and be out 2 months.

Plus we have 4 days off after the Tampa game

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Cleary looking average is fine with me. That's better than he has been.

Kindl on the other hand is showing us why he deserves his 2.4M, at least in the past two games specifically. I think he's been solid all season and I'm glad he hasn't been the weak link that's beating us.

As for referees tonight... I think they let go some obvious calls and had questionable penalty calls. As winners there wasn't much to complain about. As a hockey fan, the refs need a lot of work before I'll watch other teams again.

But bettman said we have the best refs in pro sports

Have you seen other leagues? The bar is not high.

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