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Franzen to LTIR

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4 hours ago, F.Michael said:

What concussion # was this?

Honestly it didn't look too bad - although if the Mule had a few concussions prior to this hit - then yeah something like this could cause another.

On the record - Roberts easily ranks in my top 5 NHL'ers that I liked/respected that never wore the Winged Wheel.

Until I saw the video - I totally forgot that he was a Pen for a few seasons late in his career.

It doesnt look bad from an "impact" standpoint, but look what he actually did. He skates by a guy who does not have the puck AND has a concussion history, and punches him in the temple. it really doesn't get more deliberate and mean spirited then that.

I used to love Gary Roberts and the grit he showed as a player, but that was crossing the line IMO. You can't even argue that he was trying to just make a clean hit and hit him in the wrong spot with the wrong body part, he went for the temple 100% on purpose.

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1 minute ago, kickazz said:

Would love to know the thought process of the physicians involved in his care of allowing him to play. Unfortunately we may never know unless this turns into another lawsuit down the road. 

1. Long term contract. Team had too much money invested for too long. I am sure the doctor(s) was/were being pressured by the team to clear him to play.

2. Franzen really was a "Mule". He wanted to play, to earn his contract. He  could have just stayed home and collected a paycheck, but he was never that kind of player, even tho ignorance says otherwise. I am sure that he also pushed them to clear him to play.

3. Leftwinger wanted Hossa. They probably just wanted Franzen to play so that they wouldn't have to hear about it for the next 10 years+.

4.The understanding of CTE has come along way since then. I don't think he would be playing if that happened today.

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