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11/1 Exorcism GDT - Devils @ Red Wings - 7:30 PM ET

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Let's give some love to Abby and Glendening and the whole Bertuzzi-Glendening-Abdelkader line and the PKers and Howard. But especially Abby and Glendening, imo. Played hard, physical, effective hockey tonight and it seemed to me like the team followed their example. Good stuff!

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25 minutes ago, Yzerman19 said:

we have a better record than toronto in the past 3 games.... that makes us a playoff contender right?

Playoff?! End the season now, we won the cup!

27 minutes ago, GMRwings1983 said:

Let's start a thread about who we want to play in the second round.  

Tampa. Right before game 1, Stevie Y does a heel turn and is on our side. We win the cup and many more with him. 

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6 hours ago, ChristopherReevesLegs said:

Now that this team has all its good D back we actually stand a chance 

Hey now, DeKeyser's not back yet... Maybe this weekend...

Imagine when we get all our good forwards back...

Imagine how good we'd be if we could get fully healthy... Bring on the Cup!

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