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12/18 What Doesn't Kill You GDT - Red Wings @ Flyers - 7:00 PM ET

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5 minutes ago, Dabura said:

Bernier's saving our bacon. Could be 10-0 right now.


The Bernier surname comes from the Norman given name Bernier, which is Germanic in origin, coming from "bern" meaning "bear," and "hari," or "army."

Bear Army from Normandy!


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1 minute ago, puckloo39 said:

the back up emergency psuedo-Ozzie #30 is also not interested.   LOL


Someone please gif that shot.

Just now, Hockeymom1960 said:

I am not being entertained.

Ditto. I think that was the most soul-crushingly unentertaining period of hockey I've ever watched.

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