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What did the preseason show us?

05 October 2014 - 10:10 PM

Well, it's over, and regular season is ready to begin. What did you learn from the preseason?


I learned:


1. Weiss can skate a lot better but he still looks invisible and is a real "meh" player to me

2. Cleary does not look any better -- in fact, a bit slower than last year

3. Mrazek is awesome, which we already knew

4. Kindl is terrible, which we already knew

5. Jensen is awesome, which we didn't already know


Overall, the team doesn't feel that different from last year. Based on the preseason, I'm not really sure we've improved as a team. There may be age-related deficits from P+Z, Franzine and Kronwall. It looks like Nyquil and Tots will have to struggle to find a scoring rhythm this year. Losing Alfy will hurt our goal production, even if he doesn't skate. Again, Jimmy can't be banked upon. None of the regulars from last year excited me in the preseason. I am afraid this might be a difficult year for the group. Perhaps the streak will end? I do not feel as optimistic as I did during the summer after watching the boys. I figured Weiss and Ericsson were big losses last year but this preseason suggests that maybe they weren't.


Anyway, post your thoughts about the preseason and how (if it does) shape your expectation of this season.