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  1. A winning streak. Who'da thunk it? Svech gets another goal!
  2. I will never complain about a win over the Penguins.
  3. We're tied at 1 in the 2nd. Don't let Cindy get the best of you, Wings.
  4. Here are the latest draft seed numbers:
  5. Is it really the third period and nobody has started the GDT?
  6. Played well and kept the tank going. What's to complain about?
  7. Y19

    3/6 GDT - Red Wings vs. Bruins @ 4:00 PST

    It would have been a good play if it didn't hit the linesman. It's hard to adjust to a sudden change like that when you've only got 3 guys out there.
  8. Y19

    3/4 GDT - Red Wings at Wild 7:00 PM EST

    Apple Fritters!
  9. Y19

    02/28 | Detroit Red Wings @ StLouis Blues | 8 PM ET

    I was just about to post a GDT, then you went and did it TWICE! Let's see how we do without ToeMash.
  10. Victory! Daley goal with 5.6 seconds left in OT!