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  1. Y19

    12/16 GDT - Wings @ Canes - 7 PM

    Bert! What a goal, and the refs didn’t even see it.
  2. Y19

    12/16 GDT - Wings @ Canes - 7 PM

    D-Bo$$! What a play! tied up 2-2
  3. Y19

    12/16 GDT - Wings @ Canes - 7 PM

    Gagner! tied up 1–1
  4. Y19

    12/14 - Isles @ Wings - 7:30 PM EDT

    Too exciting at the end, but a win is a win!
  5. So, Hronek adds a goal! These may be the least satisfying curly fries ever.
  6. Can we forfeit the rest of this one? We're clearly not interested in competing.
  7. Veleno! It's a game again! ... and before I even hit "submit". It's a 2 goal game again. Damn. Wow, it's mind-boggling how quickly it went from being a game again to being out of reach again.
  8. LOL, Ken Daniels says he didn't see Helm finish many on the breakaway when he played for the Wings, but he does it here. Everyone was thinking it, but he said it. Namestnikov! Pretty play in an ugly game.
  9. Where were those hands when he was with us?
  10. Well, that escalated quickly.
  11. Y19

    12/4 "Make It Five" GDT vs. Islanders

    Seider in OT. Awesome!
  12. Y19

    12/1 GDT_Tuzzi Gang Sadness_Kraken vs Wings in 15 Minutes

    OT win! Great game!