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  1. Wow, do I ever miss the days where I could bust out the "Our playoff streak is older than your team" line.
  2. Well, we LOOK like a team that played last night. The teams we play against that also played the previous night don't typically look like this.
  3. This may just be one of those games that we pretend never happened.
  4. No Ken and Mickey tonight? Caps get homer announcers despite being on NBCSN.
  5. Andreas Athanasiou is more of a name that you can break up into several names. Athan? Asiou?
  6. Well, he said it about the Aves doing it to us last week. Does that still count?
  7. I've heard nothing about the Wings and predictable trends today. NOTHING!
  8. There's the usual failed PP. At least it looked pretty good.
  9. ... and there's the obligatory broken stick while trying to kill the penalty.
  10. Happy to hear Ken and Mickey on NHL network. No need to stream this one!
  11. Welp, 1st period: FUN! Rest of game: Not so much.