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  1. Victory! Not bad for second day of back-to-back games. Pistons currently trail 97-93 in the middle of the 4th quarter. Will they get their first and only November win?
  2. Oh, it's fun, but I could certainly see how many could find it obnoxious. That's probably the point.
  3. I hope we make the Hawks as sick of "Without Me" as I became over "Chelsea Dagger" (or at least as I'm becoming over "Without Me").
  4. Fabbri! Beautiful play! LOL Mickey saying that Kaiser was looking for "a piece of his equipment". Later said not-in-code to be his jockstrap.
  5. Yo shorty! It was nice to have the lead, but also gave up a goal on the same PK. Tied 1-1
  6. Well, if being a Wings fan gets you down, just think that the Pistons are looking to complete a "No Win November" tonight. Their last win back in October was against the Chicago Bulls. A loss to the Knicks tonight would be their 16th straight, breaking their single season record they set ... last night against the Lakers. LGW!
  7. I say again: Tough loss. Another in regulation after entering the 3rd with the lead.
  8. Mo ties it 1-1 Then Fabbri makes it 2-1 just 23 seconds later!
  9. Another TNT game. Ugh.
  10. Minnesota’s Ryan Hartman has been suspended for two games for tripping Detroit’s Alex DeBrincat. https://www.reddit.com/r/DetroitRedWings/comments/185gtt0/nhl_player_safety_minnesotas_ryan_hartman_has/