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  1. Dammit, Bernie deserved the shutout. Oh well. That's what they call a winning streak.
  2. These guys on NHL network keep saying "Kitty bar the door". I don't think that phrase means what they think it means.
  3. OK boomer. (I say as likely the oldest person in this thread)
  4. ... and Frank Drebin leads a squad himself. No posts in the discord during the course of this game.
  5. Green! PPG after giving them a great scoring chance!
  6. Isn't that more of a futbol term? I mostly hear "first star" for hockey.
  7. And you're HERE! How strange. Maybe ChristopherReevesLegs was ... wrong?
  8. Dang. I just wanted a place (other than Reddit) to go when the forum takes a nap.
  9. That puck didn't even touch the ice? Nothing but net!