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In Topic: Jagr, Ference and Pandolfo Will Not Be Re-signed

26 June 2013 - 05:50 PM

I'd take Ference over Quincey considering that we need to become more physical for the Eastern conference. Seems like a decent fit while losing a lackluster guy like White. 

In Topic: Who would you rather have: Marchand or Shaw?

21 June 2013 - 09:45 PM

Im actually really baffled by some responses on here from those who are bashing Marchand. Im not calling anyone out or anything i just honestly had no idea so many people didnt like him. Is there a reason for all the hate? I may be biased, as the Bruins are my second favorite team in the league, but hes been awesome and a crucial player for the team pretty much since the day he joined the squad. Without him, they wouldnt of won the cup 2 years ago. I would take him in a heartbeat. Plays hard eveeyshift and has an edge on him even tho hes not very big. I guess im just curious as to why most of you dont like him?

In Topic: 2013 Detroit Red Wings Eulogy

02 June 2013 - 07:04 PM

I know these things are suppose to be all in good fun and get a laugh. But i find it hard to believe im the only one that had a hard time getting through the whole thing because of boredom. The guy sat there and really beat the whole"how many cups have you won" thing to death to mock Wings fans, but then started talking about the same old "the wings are old" insult. Which to me is really lame considering we dont have nearly as many old players anymore and saw a huge youth movement the last 2 seasons. When are fans of other teams going to realize that insult doesnt apply anymore? And the whole "Wings fans travel to our arenas to watch games when they are on the road" thing really didnt make a ton of sense to me. I dont think fans from Detroit are traveling to other arenas. Do you think the more simpler answer of the fact that there are Wings fans all across the country makes more sense? Like i said, i know it was suppose to be a humorous thing and not meant to be taken to heart or anything, but i didnt really think it was well calculated, clever or even funny. But maybe I'm in the minority here. 

In Topic: The ugly elephant in the room

30 May 2013 - 10:02 AM

Anyone else want to bring up the fact that it doesnt matter who wins the Cup this year? Whoever gets it will ALWAYS have a star next to their name in the record books.

And President's Trophy winners? So they were the best team over 40+ games. Whoopdie doo.

I am proud of our team and extremely happy that our youngsters got the experience of 2 game 7s! What a playoff experience for our rookies. Now they know how deep they have to dig. The future is bright! Talk to me when there is a full season...

Edit: Kelsey.

I'm not trying to be rude or disrespectful by any means, but I have to disagree with ya. Was the season shortened for selfish greedy reasons? yes. Were the fans cheated out of a lot of good hockey? yes. Are there a number of different outcomes that would have happened if they played a full 82 game season? yes. However, was there a distinct advantage that any one team had over another because of the shortened season? No. Every team faced the same circumstances that all other teams faced. Just because it was a shortened season doesn't mean their should be an asterisk next to anyones name. All teams knew what the season was going to be before the season started. All teams faced injuries and played bad games. It's not like any team cheated another. The presidents trophy winner was still the team that won the most regular season game, and the cup winner will still be the team that wins 16 games first, period. If the Wings won the presidents trophy or the cup would the victories be any less sweet? not in my book. So why should it be for the real winners? I'm a fan of hockey, and am damn glad i got to watch some games this year or i would have gone crazy. As Wings fans i think we should be grateful that we got to see what we did. I think the reason we got to see a lot of the young guys for once was due to the shortened season. If we had a full 82 game season from the start, who knows who would still be buried in Grand Rapids. Plus, we got to see what alot of our guys were made of when not being a top seed and on everyones radar. They proved a lot this year, and we may not have had that opportunity on a full 82 game season. I, for one, will not be thinking of the winners as flukes or deserving of an asterisk mainly because no one was at an advantage. The only people that were cheated out of anything were the fans, not the players. 

In Topic: The ugly elephant in the room

30 May 2013 - 08:26 AM

This is the last time i can say this. The Bruins are my Eastern team (soon to be my second favorite Eastern team). I think they have a great balance of skill, scoring, toughness and goaltending. I think their mix of talents is better than any of the other teams left remaining. To say they dont have a chance for the cup, let alone a good shot to beat the Pens is ridiculous. I'm not saying they are going to sweep the Pens, but its going to be a hell of a good series, and I'm rooting for them one last time before i have to start rooting against them. In my mind, whoever wins the East is going to win the cup at this point. Western and Eastern teams just seem to play different styles. The Hawks and Kings are well rounded teams, but in my mind they just dont measure up with the Bruins or Pens for that matter. So, for me im going for the Bruins. A cup for the Bruins means two great things in my book. 1) The Hawks or Pens dont raise the cup 2) It solidifies that the Eastern conference is a tougher one (which means more competitive, exciting and important regular season match ups for the Wings next season). I can only hope that the move to the East makes Holland and the whole crew get into a new mindset not only of how we play, but also who we suit up for next season. Hopefully they have a strong offseason and go after free agents and trades that will make us competitive. 


All in all...(One last time) LETS GO BRUINS!!!!!!!!!!