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#2330873 Z basically says Bettman should be fired

Posted by stevkrause on 07 October 2012 - 12:12 AM

Flat out, anyone who uses the "Bettman is doing what the owners want and working for them" defense of him is just proving the point of why he should be removed. A GOOD commissioner of any league does what is the best for the league and makes the hard stances AGAINST the owners when need be, they do not just give the spoiled brats whatever they want, whenever they want and be a yes man. A commissioner works for the league, not the owners. Bettman is a spineless yes man that bends over at all of the bog's whims and never tells them no, even when it's what is best for the LEAGUE.

More games lost than ALL of the other 3 major sports combined under Bettman's watch... Tell me again how he is doing a good job...

The NHL needs a leader and a visionary, not a spineless weasel that won't stand up to the owners in the best interest of the league when he needs to... and to put it quite bluntly, if you disagree with this post, then you are beyond logic and not worth debating with anyway.

#2200192 Blackhawks star Kane has fractured wrist

Posted by 55fan on 21 July 2011 - 05:14 PM

If a player needs rehab, that is a personal problem for the player and is none of our business. For a normal, average, everyday person, the thought of entering rehab and having family, friends, coworkers, and people in general finding out is tough enough. For someone in the public eye, it is magnified a thousandfold.

Not only do you have your boss, the chatty lady at the next work station, the librarian, and the church ladies looking at you differently, you also have total strangers judging you when they really know nothing about you except for a few sound bites here and there.

It would be much easier for the player to go in anonymously, and then, after having dealt with the original problem, decide how to handle it publicly. The initial outing could be enough to drive a person away from getting needed help.

If you've not been there, you have no idea.

Our "right to know" does not extend to their personal lives. They may be public figures, but they are people too, and their lives and families are far more important than whether we'd opt to have them on our fantasy team.

If they need privacy, they deserve it just like any other person; and being in the public eye, they need it more.