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Call Out the NHL on BS

03 May 2015 - 10:47 AM

I've been a Wings fan for over thirty years. I think the glory days of the NHL are over. There are so many rules and regulations that the game has changed, and I don't think it's for the better. Hockey used to be a tough sport...goalies didn't even wear masks, way back! If trends keep going, a goalie will only need to stand in front of a net and all the equipment will just block it. Add to the mix the unfortunate enforcement of rules, and in a few years, the NHL is populated by the likes of Brian Boitano and Elvis Stojko. I'm just dying to see a retiring player or coach come out and say that the NHL is a piece of garbage or that Gary Bettman has ruined the league, or something to make people realize how crappy it's become. Most of the crap they pull can be justified, though, and that's part of the problem. PK Subban takes a two handed baseball swing, causing a fractured arm, he gets kicked out for the rest of the game by on ice officials. Kronwall makes a hit on a guy with his head down, and it was slightly illegal (I stopped reading about it as soon as he got suspended), there's no on ice call, but the league suspends him even though there are no medical issues with the guy that gets Kronwalled.


If you could call out the NHL on their BS, while having an audience that could have an impact, what would you say?

Mixed Feelings - Shea Weber whoops Matt Cooke

12 January 2015 - 05:00 PM


This is, for me, the very definition of mixed feelings. I'm not a fan of Shea Weber's, especially since the Zetterberg incident with the the glass. Matt Cooke is one of the most useless bags of trash to ever pick up a hockey stick, though. I think the level of douchebaggery from Cooke pushes me into thinking I'm okay with Weber taking him out to the wood shed.

John Scott Butt Ends Tim Jackman's Face

23 December 2014 - 10:36 AM



I'm not sure if he actually meant to butt end him, or if it was just a reaction to the hit, and ended with a crappy result. Either way, if I were Tim Jackman, I'd be pissed.


What do you guys think? Intentional or not? Will there be repurcussions?

Saluting the fans

24 November 2014 - 10:34 AM

Hey all.


I've been trying to figure out if Leafs fans are becoming whinier than normal, or if it's just becoming more visible. This garbage about the Leafs not saluting the fans after one game has me confused. I thought that the raising of the sticks in a salute was reserved for the final home game of the season...kind of a "thanks for the support this season" dealio. When did it become necessary for teams to do this after every game? Or is it just after a win? For the record, geography and timing has only allowed me to go to one game in the last twenty years, and that was in Edmonton. I turn off the tv as soon as the clock is done, so I never see if this actually happens now.


By the way, a big shout out to the Oilers fans that booed the Oilers on the way to the dressing room (or whatever that was), and trying to make the Leafs fans look classier than they really are.