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In Topic: 9/29 Exhibition GDT : Maple Leafs 0 at Red Wings 3

Yesterday, 09:37 PM

I watched a little of this game, and there is just something missing. They want Hockeytown to get all fired up for the Wings season starting, but there just is nothing new or exciting about it. And Dan Cleary is skating around out there wearing #17 and with an A on his sweater. I think I threw up in my mouth a little.

In Topic: Barry Trotz Wants Ovechkin to be more like Yzerman

Yesterday, 09:34 PM

I hate the thought of anyone reigning in a wild stallion, there are too few of them in the world.


Put a defensive forward on his line and let Ovi pile 'em up.

In Topic: Alfie wants to play

15 July 2014 - 02:00 PM

Just re-sign everyone we had last year. It was a great team, we got screwed, and you'll see....we'll be healthy...you'll all see what a real genius I was....<Holland>

In Topic: Wings re-sign Cleary $1.5 mill + $1mill in game bonuses

10 July 2014 - 04:41 PM

This is just...........I mean....................@&@*#^&&$^&$*&@*&_&@#^_)@^#_$^@#^$_)!@^#!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Can I get some of what they are smoking? I....I just can't fathom this was their best option, ever, on any planet and any league.


I'm pissed off and angry and want to go down there and shake someone and yell "SNAP OUT OF IT, MAN!!!!!"

In Topic: Article on FAs and Red Wings

07 July 2014 - 03:14 PM

I'm not trying to turn this into a "City" topic but I think that is something that cannot totally been ruled out. We live here, we know better. But what has the national media done? Very superficial headlines, Anthony Bourdain's special about the crumbling city, for someone out of town and they only get headlines about Detroit and they hear "the biggest city ever to declare bankruptcy", Kwame trial, oldest building in the NHL things like that, makes the city look bad. I know there are people rebuilding the city block by block and we have a new mayor and a new arena planned and reasons to be optimistic, but to an outsider considering a move here with his family, he doesn't know how lush the suburbs are that he will be moving his family to, he doesn't know about the great golf course right down the street from his house, he just sees the thing on the news that says Detroit is bankrupt and the Big 3 need bailing out and like it or not, it puts a negative light on the city.


Like I said, we live here, we know better. But I recently turned down a promotion that would have put me in Oakland, CA. Because on the news and reality shows they showed a lot of violence and gang warfare there and I said, I don't think so. And this is coming from someone from DETROIT since 1983! Perception is sometimes stronger than reality.