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#2425330 The Overreaction Thread

Posted by gcom007 on 03 July 2013 - 10:21 AM

I don't think anyone's arguing (well, at least...) that Holland wasn't a great GM at one point. What a lot of people are noting is that as we have moved far enough into the new era where we really started feeling the weight of the cap, Holland's struggled to show that he can maneuver well in free agency or with other teams via trade. That is a real problem, right now. It doesn't matter that once upon a time he did this or that; "this or that" from "way back when" have no bearing on "hear and now." Hear and now, he can't figure out how to sign or trade for difference makers, and he's tried plenty.


Holland's let people slip away that he shouldn't. He continues to cling to players he shouldn't. He overpays for mid-level talent based largely it seems on familiarity. He tries to underpay for high-level talent, which ultimately has failed every time. And when he fails, he's the king of revisionists, make no mistake. That guy finds a way to reshape everything that happened as part of some master plan, and it must be working, because there's plenty of non-critical thinkers who keep falling for it and praising Holland because of what he did in another era now long past us.


Oh, I guess it's easy forgetting in an instant that Holland was desperate to throw $9 million plus at both Suter and Parise last summer.


Oh, that's right, I remember now, Holland is so smart for not overpaying for free agents!


Now that we didn't sign them...


"We like our team."


I'm not trying to take anything away from what Holland has done, but if he was as great of a GM as people want to paint him to be in this cap era, he would not be struggling so much in the free agency and trade markets. You can say all you want about what he did in the past, but no one willing to be objective can say that Holland has shown that he has a strong handle, let alone any handle, on helping this team via trade or free agency lately. And like it or not (for the sake of some of ever-shifting argument), trade and free agency are still very important parts of this game.

#2424713 Dreger: Filppula looking for $5.5m/season over at least 7 years

Posted by The Axe on 02 July 2013 - 01:25 PM

Let them ALL go. If they dont want to be here, fine.

We have a great core.

Filppula, Brunner, Cleary, Samuelsson, Bertuzzi, White = BYE.

#2421081 Dreger: Filppula looking for $5.5m/season over at least 7 years

Posted by VM1138 on 20 June 2013 - 05:03 PM

Flip wasn't failing because he didn't have a 40 goal scorer, Flip failed because he's timid and is literally scared of shooting the puck. A change of scenery won't help him.

#2417289 Holland on The Huge Show.

Posted by RyanBarnes! on 03 June 2013 - 06:41 AM

Filppula at $5, 4 or 3 M per season - who cares? After this playoff I'm thinking we are better off without him. Spend the money on someone that can actually help the team. Clarkson for example.

#2416551 Standing pat according to Malik

Posted by Shaman on 31 May 2013 - 01:04 PM

A team that scored 5 goals in 3 games that they could have eliminated a team is NOT good enough. Once Chicago figured out the Wing's system they pretty much neutralized the Wing's top two lines, and became only the 25th team in the history of the NHL to battle back from 1-3 and win in game 7. Next season the Wings will find themselves in the East, were they will find themselves playing much tougher teams for 82 games, and doing so without a true #1 goal scorer, a true #1 D-man, and no back up goaltender. If you think that will end well, I have a bridge to sell you in Brooklyn. 

#2415797 WCSF Game 7 GDT: Red Wings 1 at Blackhawks 2 OT (CHI wins series, 4-3)

Posted by RedLightGoesOn on 29 May 2013 - 10:40 PM

Wasn't Cleary the leader in points this series?

What's sad about this statement is how shocked we are about this. If he played better everyone would have been chanting Cleary's name. He was GOD AWFUL and would always find a way to choke on HUGE moments. He could have easily tipped this series in our favor if he capitalized on the truck tons of chances and not make as many terrible mistakes/plays with/without the puck. The fact that he is point leader shows us how bad our offense is/was.

#2415707 WCSF Game 7 GDT: Red Wings 1 at Blackhawks 2 OT (CHI wins series, 4-3)

Posted by Wings10 on 29 May 2013 - 10:21 PM

Hopefully Helm will be healthy and ready to go next season.

#2410573 WCSF Game 4 GDT- Blackhawks 0 @ Red Wings 2 - (DET leads series 3-1)

Posted by anthonyn66 on 23 May 2013 - 09:46 PM

Growing up near Toronto I've watched HNIC almost my entire life and grew up listening to Bob Cole. Although he gets names wrong his calls right now are giving me the chills, great stuff on CBC.

#2409237 97.1 The Ticket: Hocketown "Dead"?

Posted by MulesWillFly93 on 22 May 2013 - 01:23 PM

Radio is dead, not Hockeytown.

#2406484 WCSF Game 2 GDT : Red Wings 4 at Blackhawks 1 - (Series Tied at 1)

Posted by Crymson on 18 May 2013 - 12:34 PM

Cleary, too. He decided to double-team Sharp instead of watching the trailing man, so Kane was left wide open.


I'm really, REALLY tired of Cleary. He provides nothing to the team that the average grinder cannot. His defensive acumen now seems to be totally absent.

#2400189 WCQF Game 5 GDT: Red Wings 2 @ Ducks 3 (OT) - (ANA leads series 3-2)

Posted by GMRwings1983 on 08 May 2013 - 10:50 PM



In the rafters.  

#2399894 WCQF Game 5 GDT: Red Wings 2 @ Ducks 3 (OT) - (ANA leads series 3-2)

Posted by Hockeytown0001 on 08 May 2013 - 09:47 PM

That's a neat story of Boudreau. Didn't know that. 

#2399271 Norris Finalists announced: Letang, Subban, Suter

Posted by haroldsnepsts on 08 May 2013 - 11:07 AM

But that's because the Norris Trophy is for the defenceman who has "demonstrated the greatest all-around ability" at the position.  Hence why defensive defencemen like Derian Hatcher and Scott Stevens never won it.


That said, its a pretty paltry list this year.  Would lol hard though if Subban wins it after all the frothing at the mouth in some parts when there was speculation earlier in the season that we could trade for him :D


But on the flipside Karlsson just won it and he doesn't have the greatest all around ability at the position either.  He's an amazing offensive defenseman but still has to develop his game in the defensive end. 


Last nights game was more evidence of Karlsson's suspect decision making.  After the game Maclean made comments about how they'd go over the mistakes Karlsson made and talk to him, and that sometimes he plays for the other team, but when he plays for their team he makes them better.


Stevens actually used to be more of an offensive defenseman.  He has the skillset, they just reigned that in in Jersey under Lemaire's system.

#2387604 nhl.com calls Kenny the best GM

Posted by The Axe on 21 April 2013 - 11:06 PM

Yes, and that is why Holland has kept hold of almost all his draft picks since 2006, because he knows you need a constant pipeline of good, young, cheap players coming through.

We don't play any of them, so who cares?

#2386909 nhl.com calls Kenny the best GM

Posted by kipwinger on 20 April 2013 - 04:50 PM

I said they can't score goals. By that I mean they both seem to be around 20-25g. And you're kind of proving my point. They're not good enough to turn average players into stars. Nothing really wrong with that; few players ever have been. I point it out because it makes it that much tougher to build a team. If we need four 30g wingers, we're probably out of luck. Couldn't afford it in free agency, even if there were 4 available. Nor do we have the trade assets, even if we completely empty the cupboards (which would leave no cheap depth to fill the rest of the roster anyway).


We need to be able to score, even if our top-6 has a couple of guys that can only pot 15-20. Cleary and Abby have 9g apiece. Franzen has 10, Brunner 11, Flip 7...Tatar, Nyquist, and Bert combined have 9 in what has essentially been the same roster spot. That's pretty good scoring depth. That's 7 players with 9 or more, plus 1 with 7.


For comparison, the Blackhawks also have 7 players with 9 and one with 7. In fact, looking at the entire forward corps of both teams, taking out Datsyuk, Zetterberg, and Franzen for the Wings, and Kane, Toews, and Hossa for the Hawks... our forwards have scored just one fewer goal. Paid similar money too; we're a little under a million more. Injuries close to balanced. Bolland and Flip roughly equal out. We've had more injuries, but they've had Sharp out for a while. Our replacements have done better. It's a very minor difference. Add in Franzen and Hossa (both have missed 7 games) and the difference is 8 goals, and now the Hawks spending slightly more.


Pav and Hank have 22. Kane and Toews have 42.


It's reasonable to think we could upgrade one of the others enough to offset the 8g difference there. Not so much the other 20g at the top. We need that depth scoring. Need guys like Cleary, Abby, Bert and Sammy who can fill a role on a top line at a fairly cheap price. We can afford one upgrade, and maybe make one other swap for someone of a similar level but who fits better. No guarantees that we can find either, and no guarantees it would be enough, so we don't want to spend to much (in cap commitment or trade) to try for it.


Doens't it seem likely that the reason that Toews and Kane have so many goals is precisely because they've got serious depth across the lineup though?  You can't really double team either of those guys when they're on the ice because Hossa and Sharp can beat you on their own if you don't take them seriously.  I think both Pav and Hank's numbers are low because teams have figured out that the Wings can't beat you when Pav or Hank are kept off the board.  You can't do that with Chicago. By having real depth in their forward core it opens up the ice for the stars as well.