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In Topic: Stanley Cup Finals eeriy similar to 2009

07 June 2010 - 03:24 PM

i don't know that anyone was saying that philly should be where they are now, but once they got to the finals i knew they had a good chance. A lot of ppl thought that chicago was going to dominate, but philly has a great team. Plus, it's the sport of hockey, where any team can win any given night.

Here's to hoping this year's finals ends up going the same way last years did.

You stole my avatar, man. :sly: Yours is just zoomed out a bit.

For a second, I thought I was reading my own post. :lol:

In Topic: Stanley Cup Finals eeriy similar to 2009

06 June 2010 - 11:52 PM

i'd hardly call toews overrated. He's a great captain and knows how to lead a team at such a young age. Im not saying he's comparable to Yzerman yet, but something about the kid is special. On the other hand, Kane is overrated and so is Keith. I'd love to see Toews win a cup someday, but not Kane.

I agree, Toews is a great player. Obviously not on Yzerman-level, but good nonetheless.

However, Keith is definitely not overrated. Underrated if anything. He is simply one hell of a dynamic defenseman at both ends of the rink. He has one of the quickest first few strides in the entire league to go along with terrific hockey sense.

And Kane I hate. Enough said.

In Topic: my team

05 June 2010 - 02:04 PM

1. Mike Comrie won't sign that cheap.

2. Even if he did, he's not the kind of player I would want on "my team".

3. You forgot Draper.

4. Or conveniently made him disappear.

5. Despite all this talk about signing Asham, I think he's going to stay in Philly. I mean, unless it's for a bigger payday (which won't come from us), why leave a team you've gone this deep with--a team with which you have a solid role already established.

6. Even if he hit the FA market--after these playoffs--he'll get more than $1M from some team.

7. We need a veteran defenseman to compete with Kindl. If not Lilja, some other cheap veteran at least.

8. Lastly, how many FA-related threads have you created in the last 24 hours?

In Topic: Hossa Interview

05 June 2010 - 12:20 AM

you guys are no fun

Sorry ;)

If you showed me in person, it'd be completely different though. Then, I could laugh along with it right away.

At least it really is irony though. So many people misuse the term.

In Topic: Hossa Interview

05 June 2010 - 12:00 AM

No, it's maybe just English not being his first language.

We'd have to watch him say it in a video though so we can see the pauses of the sentence. It's possible that he might have still been thinking of a word to say after "more" and ended up picking one that made his sentence grammatically incorrect. If that's the case, he should have been more quicker in his word choice, I guess.

It's easy and common to make these mistakes while speaking off the cuff though--no matter how well you know English.