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#2525153 Next Seasons Needs/Team Future

Posted by Shinzaki on 22 June 2014 - 06:18 PM

Jurco is small? He's 6-2" and close to 200lbs as a 21 year old....by the time he's 25  he should be 210-215Lbs at least.  


I'd rather trade Pavel and Hank for youth and picks than trade youth for a declining player like Thornton.

#2525138 Next Seasons Needs/Team Future

Posted by Son of a Wing on 22 June 2014 - 02:49 PM

Glendening and Helm have the same value??

Pulkkinen is about to replace Jurco??

Ummm no.

#2525117 Next Seasons Needs/Team Future

Posted by Dabura on 22 June 2014 - 11:04 AM

There's no identity crisis. There's no philosophical quandary. We simply don't have enough top-level talent. Our top four has gone from Lidstrom-Rafalski/Kronwall-Stuart to Kronwall-Ericsson/DeKeyser-Smith. Our top six has gone from Datsyuk in his prime, Zetterberg in his prime, Franzen in his prime, Hossa in his prime, Holmstrom, and Filppula to Datsyuk at 35 (and coming off an injury-ravaged season), Zetterberg at 33 (and coming off an injury-ravaged season), Franzen's corpse at 34 (and coming off an injury-ravaged season), the ghost of Stephen Weiss (RIP), Abdelkader, and...Nyquist? And Jimmy Howard has never made it past the second round.

#2524972 Kaylee G Future and the Red Wings

Posted by BottleOfSmoke on 20 June 2014 - 11:06 PM

Ah...eff it. I debated about whether I would post one of my usual unfunny sarcastic comments about this, but I'm going to venture into these murky waters for the purpose of stimulating discussion.

Look, while I agree that the entire situation was blown out of proportion, I can't help but feel a little...uncomfortable... about the whole situation. Let me tell you why.

Anyone who has ventured onto Twitter or any other social media site knows the type of bulls*** dumbass people spew into the ether. Most official accounts are inundated with ignorant, sometimes downright offensive tweets containing openly racist, homophobic or whatever other disgusting tripe some turd burgler farts out that day. These tweets, maybe rightfully so, go unresponded to. But today, the issue the Red Wings official twitter decided to address was a vapid but lighthearted, inoffensive tweet that looked to be sent out by a teenage girl that disparaged no one but maybe herself. While the Wings' tweet wasn't offensive, the litany of comments **** shaming this young woman WERE. Any social media person worth his/her salt knows how the internet works, and was aware of the attention that would be brought to this girl.

Maybe *I'M* overly sensitive to this issue, because female fans are still held to a standard of "proving themselves" that male fans are not. We (those of us who swing that way, anyway) are expected to turn off our sexuality in order to be accepted as "true fans." God forbid I, as a straight woman, appreciate an attractive, fit, talented man while watching a game I love. I must not be a "real fan" ™. I must be a puck ****. Hell, I made a post about Fedorov's underpants today FFS.

TL;DR. Short version? Blown out of proportion, but I can definitely understand why someone could have a problem with the situation. Also, I know that everyone's mileage may vary--the challenges I've faced as a female hockey fan may not be every female hockey fan's experience.

Now I'm going to go back to my Laga and thinking about Fedorov's underwear. Is it October yet?

#2524990 Brad Richards bought out by Rangers

Posted by cnot19 on 21 June 2014 - 12:41 AM


If anything, that has been his one strength. Not that I want Richards, mind you.


i would disagree, his play at point his terrible imo,  either way i really really  dont want him

#2524709 Detroit re-signs Gustavsson 1 yr $1.85 mill

Posted by VM1138 on 19 June 2014 - 09:21 PM

Kind of silly to be upset over this. It's a backup role. So what if there were a small handful of slightly better goalies? They aren't THAT much better, and Gus is a known quantity with an establishes relationship with the team. It's really a non-issue. I would've liked to have had Mrazek as the backup but its pretty hard to get upset over Gus coming back.

#2523420 Next Seasons Needs/Team Future

Posted by nawein on 10 June 2014 - 05:50 PM

Thanks for the compliment. You want to run guys who are aging and can't stay healthy out there year after year at forward with a MAJORITY if them in the decline. Thank GOD you don't run this team.

I think what he's trying to say is that that defense looks atrocious and the top 6, while not being the best top 6 ever, is still full of guys that can contribute and create offense. The top 6 could use some work, sure, but if we don't fix the D (top 4 specifically) we're in more trouble than if we don't fix the top 6. And don't say we need to sign a bottom pair guy, because we have 8 options already in the system. Besides, since you think Smith is a top 4 guy (which we know I disagree with), wouldn't it be nice to have a top 4 guy on your third pair? Bottom line is we need a top 4 guy waaayyyyy before we need a top 6 forward.

#2523325 Next Seasons Needs/Team Future

Posted by nawein on 09 June 2014 - 08:27 PM

Am I the only one that doesn't think Smith is a top 4 dman?

#2522838 Next Seasons Needs/Team Future

Posted by nawein on 04 June 2014 - 10:16 PM

Next year this team needs more Mattias Backman.

#2521345 Next Seasons Needs/Team Future

Posted by marcaractac on 21 May 2014 - 05:11 PM

Are people not watching these playoffs? Vanek is NOT the answer.

#2520285 ECSF : (5) New York Rangers vs. (2) Pittsburgh Penguins

Posted by Hockeymom1960 on 13 May 2014 - 08:44 PM

The King definitely MVP of this game.

#2520279 ECSF : (5) New York Rangers vs. (2) Pittsburgh Penguins

Posted by Hockeymom1960 on 13 May 2014 - 08:41 PM

YES!!!!  Takin down s***tsburg is always soooooooooooooooooooo sweet!!!

#2514110 ADQF | Game 3 | Boston 3 @ Detroit 0, BOS leads series 2-1

Posted by gcom007 on 22 April 2014 - 09:28 PM

Big difference between expecting a shut out and expecting to not give up incredibly soft/stupid goals and subsequently leads early on in two playoff games in a row. Huge, huge, huge difference in fact. Those kind of goals set the tone and both days, Boston comes back and scores another within just a few minutes. Again, he's hardly the only problem, but when your goalie is giving up leads to a team like Boston early two games in a row in the playoffs, it's a very serious problem whether he plays better the rest of the game or not. He obviously wasn't exactly lights out the rest of game two either.


Jimmy Howard did not give the Red Wings a chance to get things started against Boston, but he absolutely straight-up handed Boston that chance, two playoff games in a row. That's the bottom line and that's why it's a serious problem no matter his play the remainder of the game.


#2514109 ADQF | Game 3 | Boston 3 @ Detroit 0, BOS leads series 2-1

Posted by Playmaker on 22 April 2014 - 09:27 PM

Obviously, the defense has been poor and the offense has been anemic.  It isn't the amount of goals that Howard has given up, its also about the when and the how.  A majority of the team were playing in Grand Rapids to start the season, Datsyuk is clearly not 100%, Z is out, Franzen is a no show.  Howard is a number one goalie making number one goalie money in the prime of his career.  It's on him to lead the team with his play.  He did so in game one, not so much in games 2 and 3.

#2514062 ADQF | Game 3 | Boston 3 @ Detroit 0, BOS leads series 2-1

Posted by Dabura on 22 April 2014 - 09:06 PM

Dear Red Wings,


F*** off.