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#2430392 Alfredsson and the #11

Posted by Hey man nice shot! on 16 July 2013 - 04:57 PM

Or if Cleary is signed after the season starts alfie will already have the number

Or if he never comes back at all....we won't have a problem:)

#2424542 2013 NHL Entry Draft Discussion

Posted by barabbas16 on 01 July 2013 - 06:55 PM

I think the consensus is that the order of reliability goes TSN>Sportsnet>Free Press>Mlive>Random poster on LGW>Eklund>>>>>ESPN.


Sorry but ESPN is literally bottom of the barrel when it comes to hockey coverage.  


Well, you are entitled to your opinion on that just as much as you are on the draft.  I was just saying that it seems like others disagree with your negative opinion of the Wings' 2013 draft.... so you may not be in the consensus there.




Greatest Needs: Forward depth

Top Pick(s): RW Anthony Mantha, RW Zach Nastasiuk, LW Tyler Bertuzzi, C Mattias Janmark-Nylen

The Detroit Red Wings had a number of options with their first-round pick. They ended up selecting the top goal scorer in junior hockey, winger Anthony Mantha. Mantha scored 50 goals last season and has a great shot. He needs to get more involved physically, but the Red Wings can give him the time to develop that element in his game.

The Wings also added Zach Nastasiuk of the Owen Sound Attack. He switched to the wing halfway through the season, and it made a huge difference in his game. They also added winger Tyler Bertuzzi who is a project, but has some good bloodlines as the nephew of Todd Bertuzzi.

It was some good drafting by the Red Wings.

Grade: B+




DETROIT RED WINGS: A. Got an extra second-round pick for being willing to move down two spots in the first round, where they came away with a fine prospect in Anthony Mantha. Didn’t pick anyone smaller than 6-0, 178-pound Tyler Bertuzzi, selected with that extra second-rounder.


The reality is that, obviously, no one will know for a while how good the draftw as for anyone.  But, I just don't see how anyone on this board can be complaining about this draft.  It seems like in every thread multiple people are whining that the Wings and their prospects are too small and not gritty enough.  So, they draft size and grit.  And there's still complaining.  I don't pay enough attention to who says what, so I am not directly calling you a hypocrite in particular.  Just speaking about the board in general.... it seemed to me like a draft that LGW should have been pretty pleased with.  I guess everyone can;t be pleased.... and some will just always find something to complain about (again, not necessarily you.... just venting I guess).

#2422272 Wings looking to trade before using buyouts

Posted by F.Michael on 25 June 2013 - 04:55 PM

One poster brings up replacing Tootoo and the East and everyone goes off the deep end.


No one is talking about reshaping the roster or our style of play. It's just that Tootoo is the most aggressive player we have and losing him would create a hole. It helps to have players like that throughout your roster and especially in the bottom 6 to wear down your opponent. We have little to none.


It's not about enforcers, it's about guys that can crash and bang and still play a normal shift without being a liability.


It's not about the East, it's about being a difficult team to play against both with and without the puck.

I'd much rather keep Tootoo over Emerton, Bertuzzi, or Sammuelsson.

#2420014 Talking Tootoo

Posted by nuts2u on 15 June 2013 - 05:35 AM

Much rather have Tootoo than Cleary!

#2418711 What would you give up for Malkin?

Posted by Jericho613 on 08 June 2013 - 09:07 PM

As much as I like Malkin, and would love to see him on a line with Dats the only way i would like to see the Wings get him is as a FA. No sense giving up future for him. Besides we are going to the East and I doubt they would trade him to same conference.

#2409945 trade idea for next year

Posted by SaCkaveli20 on 23 May 2013 - 06:48 PM

To Detroit:

Steve Downie
Chuck Kobasew
Shane O'Brien

To Colorado:

Gustav Nyquist
Cory Emmerton
Jakub Kindl

Gus is playing himself into "untouchable" territory me thinks.

#2393236 Howard = Average

Posted by vladdy16 on 01 May 2013 - 10:25 AM

Will people please cease posting "lock this thread" in the thread?  If you don't care to discuss the topic, don't enter the thread. I personally think that we could have the reincarnation of Terry Sawchuk and people would still ***** around here.  It's what they do.  I don't agree with it, so I don't post in the thread.  As a mod I am, unfortunately, required to enter the thread.  Goalie wars are inevitable.  This thread would be more on track if people who didn't want to participate in the discussion would cease commenting on other's discussing it.   I suspect this thread has yet to be closed because our goaltending actually is discussion-worthy and Matt runs a pretty loose ship.  If Matt tires of this war, the thread will be locked. Until then, please keep the discussion courteous and on topic. Thanks!

#2400677 Ovechkin -- Laziest Play Ever

Posted by Shaman on 09 May 2013 - 05:05 PM

Still, he put up a 41 goal/95 point performance this season. Hes not paid to play defense, hes there to put the biscuit in the basket. 

#2387405 Mike McKee

Posted by number9 on 21 April 2013 - 01:30 PM

Again, of the top 100 skaters for this years draft, 16 are from the USHL, or 1 per team. Of the same list, 21 are from the WHL, or just under 1 per team. I realize that most hockey fans have the Canada thing going on, but the numbers do not support your beliefs.
Now for the top 10-20 players each year, the ones that will make the NHL in 1-2 years, they go to the CHL because of the stipind and the history. But those that are going to take longer 3-5 years to make the NHL and want to play college hockey, they go to the USHL and protect their eligability. Now, like I said, 10 years ago there was in fact a huge difference between the USHL and the CHL. But that isn't the case anymore. yes there are far more teams in the CHL. So they have more players and the law of averages is on the CHL's side. But if you look at the numbers of top rated prospects per team, it is very close/the same. Like I said, this year the USHL has more top 100 propsects per team than the WHL does.

The ushl would compare nicely to the chl if all the chlers tied their skates together and smoked crack before the game

In other news my beer league team just beat an AHL team, so I'd say that's a good comparison as well

#2385397 Mike McKee

Posted by FlashyG on 16 April 2013 - 03:48 PM

USHL is the equal to CHL. Better than the WHL but slightly behind the other 2. Just not as many teams. USHL is very very good.


The USHL is nowhere near as good as the CHL. There is a debate to be had between the CHL and the NCAA, but the not when it comes to the USHL, its not even close.


Top American prospects generally avoid the league all together. 

#2377431 Mr Holland.....

Posted by DatsyukianDekes on 31 March 2013 - 05:22 PM

In the last 12 months we have landed
Brunner, Dekeyser and Quincey for a
1st round pick....not bad.


Would have been way better with Dekeyser, Brunner and a drafted player.

#2372052 Martin Frk

Posted by Wings4Life19 on 22 March 2013 - 07:17 PM

"Frk is having a night for the ages. His 4th goal and 7th point in a little under 2 periods. #crazy"

EDIT: "Frk. Again. On a breakaway for his 5th goal and 8th point of the night. 11-1."

#2363477 Gus Nyquist...

Posted by puckbags on 02 March 2013 - 04:37 PM





Do you just come on , have a complete spazzzz on your keyboard and post as much unreasonable non sense as possible in the shortest amount of time.

#2359797 Trade Deadline buyers or sellers?

Posted by Yzerfan1999 on 23 February 2013 - 05:25 PM

Kronwall, Bertuzzi, and Nyquist for Perry.

White, Colo, Franzen, and Mursak for Yandle.

Howard, Samuelsson, and Brunner for Schneider.

Drop Cleary, Abdelkader, and Huskins.




Is this a joke?

#2358409 Holland looking around

Posted by Guest on 20 February 2013 - 05:17 PM

Parise and Suter wanted to play together and Detroit couldn't bring them both. Parise wanted to go home to Minnesota, and Suter wanted to play with him. Pretty easy.


Time to get over it...


Parise tearing it up? Zetterberg and Datsyuk have much lower cap hits and are arguably playing better this season.


That's a stretch. Holmstrom, Samuelsson, Draper and Maltby were never "stars". Good players sure. Chelios, Lang and Bertuzzi were all in decline from their best years.

Signing Suter and Parise to those riDICKulous contracts is probably the biggest mistake the Wild ever made.