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Wings look into Jonas HolÝs?

23 May 2012 - 01:38 AM

Jonas HolÝs is a great norwegian D-man, and just ended a great World Championship, as one of the players with most icetime during. (Think he had an average of over 27 mins a game!)
He ended up with 9 points in 8 games (4+5), plus 4, and got lots of credit from both Swedish experts (LINK to one article), and NHL-agents.

He is born and reised in my hometown Sarpsborg in Norway, and has always been a serious athlete. He puts down so much in his training, and is by some described as the best trained team-athlete ever in Norway (LINK to google-tranlated page).
Jonas has played in the NHL before (Avs), but decided to leave when he after the first season was sent down to AHL with the word he was ranked as their d-man number 14. He knew he was good enoguh for the top league. And he is, believe me.

Anyway.. Several newspapers (in Norway and sweden) has been writing about HolÝs return to the NHL during the Championship, and now one of the most known hockey-commentators in Norway claim that Detroit is one of three teams interested in bringing him over again.

LINK to norwegian site (using Gogle translator)

Besides the Wings, the two other teams is, according to this writer; Chicago and his former team Colorado. Colorado has been confirmed by agents in other TV-news etc here in Norway, but as for Chicago and Detroit - this is new to me.

What do you guys think? I could actually see him fitting this great team of ours.