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  1. also saying that howard didn't get much help so far..... but still.... he sucks....
  2. Yzerman19

    2/9 Cam Neely Has A Limp Handshake - Booins @ Wheel Team - 9:30 AM PST

    Looks like we should have played Boston all season long to be playoffs eligible!!!
  3. Yzerman19

    Wings Sign UFA Malte Stromwall

    1st song: Dance Macabre - Ghost (band) 2nd song: Viternoll2 - Kent (band) 3rd song: When you were young - The killers (band)
  4. he has a 4.04 GAA.... so allowing 3 when you posted was actually a decent night for him... now the story is different obviously
  5. same here.... i think this is the last season for howard!!!
  6. it should garantee us a playoffs spot!
  7. the f*** we have to do to score a goal
  8. Pretty sure the Hype was gone after the 2 first sabers' shots
  9. Solid Start!!! Redmond pisses me off.... always saying bad luck. I can understand that somehow.... but that much bad luck all season long is also the result of bad plays all year long. If we'd play solid hockey with no high risks miscues.... we would certainly have some better luck
  10. i don't like that tampa jersey I love how our PP is actually giving momentum to the other team!!!
  11. And here my money comes!!!!!! We've indeed allowed 5
  12. There will always be the "whooooooo" r******
  13. I did.... I said hours ago we'll allow 5 for sure.... the question is how many we'll score