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  1. Yzerman19

    12/7 ಠ_ಠ GDT - Penguins @ Red Wings - 7:00 PM ET

    Has Blashill coached this thread tonight???? Forum feels dead!!!
  2. Yzerman19

    12/7 ಠ_ಠ GDT - Penguins @ Red Wings - 7:00 PM ET

    everyone has deserted the place..... DABURA where are you.... have to announce it for you... HRONEK!!!!!!
  3. Yzerman19

    12/7 ಠ_ಠ GDT - Penguins @ Red Wings - 7:00 PM ET

    I have enough of this... aside the players playing poorly.... you have to actually think that they have at least some pride. they don't play that bad i mean tonight nontheless.... but, when you never score and you get scored at least 5times on per game.... it is the same pattern over and over again.... sure we can blame the players but when will the coaching staff take the blame.... Blashill has never been able to do s*** since he's been here.... and now that all the veterans are gone... #55 being the last one.... he has no leadership on which to build on as Larkin still is no C.... I've said it earlier this year.... but again we lead the league in ijuries.... this proves it all... we have a terrible coaching staff and prep team.... so fire them all and get some new ppl
  4. what is the point of scratching hirose if not to bring some more ppl up? he is juggling to much with the roster... not letting ppl take their marks. especially as we have long term injuries... we could let them play more
  5. And fix the training staff also.... come on.... ericsson 5 five games and injured again. Nemeth out for the 3rd time this season!!! I mean.... do we need to rush them back so they get injured right away? Such poor decisions in this team
  6. it has been for 3 years
  7. Blash out finally???
  8. it just proves that..... no howard, bernier or pickard are to blame for this s***ty season
  9. looked at the clock and realized..... still 5more mins in the period... i thought we played it alla already
  10. are we basically going to get more shots on net this period than the previous 2 games combined?
  11. SHana...... FABBRI!!!!!
  12. happy thanksgiving to y'all
  13. could we be anymore white trash???
  14. no Josh :(..... no cool story.... we play so poorly, i wish we had at least some good tale tonight.