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  1. what a joke team.... Peewee hockey goal we get scored on
  2. they hope for a 5 goals comeback in the 3rd facing price my bad make it 4
  3. Like most night for the past few games!!!! Only the 3rd will be interesting
  4. OMG no Jensen anymore.... Probably 1 of our top 3 D this season!!! i really don't get it.... money problem maybe.... but still so much better than DDK.... anyway... Have a nice "comeback in the 3rd then lose in OT" game guys!!!
  5. omg DDK!!!! such a s***ty D!!!! hello hockey 1 o 1..... look where are other players before rushing to the puck carrier behind your goal line!!!! such a retard player.... and yet he is playing in the NHL!!! my god!!! i'd do better
  6. thank you Vanek.... as usual
  7. well... good night alreaady? lol
  8. it's a wings thing to blow leads in the last min... but mostly this ours we blow not the opponent's
  9. this play should be called delay of game in the future I understand this kind of play in your D zone but.... in the neutral zone... clearly it should be a penalty
  10. Are you making some Choloics call tonight? he is been quiet lately
  11. Bert is gonna tie it!!
  12. who got the Hatty this year? was it Mantha? would be nice to see AA get one i like that Jensen really stepped up his game. He's been solid
  13. see??? no vanek = goal I know it was the 2nd PP line but still!!!
  14. i've reached the point where the only things matters to me is Larkin extending his new streak!! Lol