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  1. RedFX

    Doan staying in PHX 4 yrs $21.2 mill

    No Doan. No Semin. No Nash. No Suter. No Parise. Probably no Ryan. Hate to say it, but this team is one or two injuries away from that 21 year postseason streak ending
  2. RedFX

    Buck Wild?

    They'll, without a doubt, be strong competitors. But you're right, I don't exactly see them as runaway contenders at this point. There are still too many holes both at forward and at defense. When you look at some of the prospects in the system though, there's potential for a bright future there. Just not this year.
  3. Hey, Alex Semin. We know you're lazy. But here's a contract. So sign it maybe.
  4. RedFX

    Could Wings still make a move on Weber this year?

    Nashville won't let it happen.
  5. Carle isn't the kind of guy that can be the franchise d-man... Suter was. I don't see the Wings going after him as hard as they did with Suter. I think it's more likely they look at the trade market if they're still looking for a #1 D-man
  6. RedFX

    Suter Watch: Decision today, down to Wings/Wild

    Another "legitimate source" stated about 2 hours before that tweet that Suter has decided on Detroit... Like I've said before, I'm not buying any "decision" until I see it announced by the team.
  7. Preds don't have the cash to keep Suter, Weber, both Kostitsyns, Radulov, Wilson, Lindback, Spaling, and a plethora of other role players that have played such a big part of their team's success over the past several years. They're giving 7 mil a year to Pekka, they're going to be throwing AT LEAST that much to Weber over the next few years, so I honestly don't see the Preds throwing that much at another player long-term. As far as the whole "package deal," I'm taking that tidbit with a grain of salt.
  8. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe Schultz and Brendan Smith were actually on the same pairing the year Sconnie went to the Frozen Four. Could be a selling point as a future #1 pairing?
  9. RedFX

    Detroit has inside track on Parise

    With all this cap space and after a 5-game first round exit... Is anyone else terrified we're going to get to July 2 and Holland drops the "We plan on sitting back a few weeks and seeing what's left in the market" dagger?
  10. RedFX

    #4 Nashville Predators vs. #3 Phoenix Coyotes

    Everyone in Nashville had a WCF appearance when the Yotes won last night. But if I'm a Preds fan, I'm not so sure I like this matchup.... Phoenix in 6
  11. RedFX

    Legwand hides puck in game 4

    Could have helped us in Game 4. Wouldn't have helped us in Games 1, 3, or 5. Non issue
  12. RedFX

    25 Games for Torres|NHL|home Thoughts?
  13. RedFX

    Trade Zets /Dats and Franzen

    Brendan Shanahan needs to fine this thread $10,000
  14. RedFX

    #6 Chicago Blackhawks vs. #3 Phoenix Coyotes

    Why just once? He could afford to do it 4 times!!!
  15. RedFX

    Hossa Smoked

    $2,500 fine. And if Torres does anything of that nature again, the NHL will STRONGLY CONSIDER adding another $1,000 to that fine. #ShanahanDiscipline