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  1. dats13owns


  2. dats13owns

    Official: Howard signs 6-year, $31.8m contract extension

    Try reading The Axes responses out loud and yelling when the caps lock comes on. It's fun.
  3. Exactly. As long as he plays in that game that's all that matters. I'm trying to collect all of the jerseys he's worn, home/away, all-star, Winter Classics, etc. I bought mine today. I'm holding out to see if Federov is going to play in the alumni game before I get a customized alumni jersey.
  4. dats13owns

    Helm might be out for season

    Well, there goes the season...
  5. It's a regular season game. Either don't attend or don't watch. Don't use something exciting like this as yet another excuse to berate Holland. If being a Wings fan is so miserable than go ahead and root for Toronto, they've put a great product on the ice year after year.
  6. dats13owns

    Concerned - we might not make it in to the playoffs

    I've been a believer but this is getting more concerning day by day. -2 in the GA column just isn't good enough. This team just can't put it together when they have a chance to create separartion and find a way to kill their own momentum every time they have any. Let's hope I'm wrong. I don't think they're contender. I just want the streak to continue and a couple extra weeks of Red Wings hockey to watch.
  7. dats13owns

    time to trade filppula?

    Why does everyone think that a bottom pairing defenseman that has been a healthy scratch for quite a few games this season is worth a second round pick?
  8. dats13owns

    Official NHL Trade Deadline thread

    This should be repeated a million more times. Really. There may be a few new readers on this board who haven't read this a million times. Totally. Thoughtful.
  9. dats13owns

    An interesting point about our apparent deadline strategy

    This team that you see as a contender is currently in 7th place in a dogfight with most of the Western Conference for a spot from anywhere to 3 - 7. I mentioned Chicago, Pittsburgh and Boston who are believed to be the top 3 Cup contenders. I didn't mention Vancouver, SJ, Minnesota or LA, wich while they've beat all of these teams, they've also been beat by all of them as well (except for Vancouver) and have also lost to some great teams like Columbus, Calgary and Colorado. There are players out there that can help, but for what teams are expecting out of the Wings for them, is it really worth giving up top prospects or draft picks for? Also, it's fantastic that you make it a point to call them contenders in your post becaus they've beat a handful of teams as is then contradict yourself in your last line saying they're going to crash and burn, if they get into the playoffs.
  10. dats13owns

    An interesting point about our apparent deadline strategy

    Is there any good way to go about this? How close are the Wings right now to being contenders? If they do make a big splash at the deadline, is it going to be big enough for them to have a chance against Chicago, Pittsburgh or Boston in the playoffs? I love the excitement of a trade as much as the next person, but if there is nothing out there that is going to take you to the next level then why force something just to do so? This is a deep draft coming up, so no one is going to want to part with picks either. The Wings do have a bunch of bad contracts on their hands right now, so why would anyone want to take them on? No one wants to give up any decent prospects to get anything and if they do, especially for a rental, it's going to be meltdown city on here. There is no winning here. I'm not in love with the 2012 offseason, but Holland tried... bringing Sammy back was absolutely unnecessary and the Coca sign was high risk/low reward and that's what it ended up being, and Monster has been just bad... but Brunner and Tootoo have both been great for the Wings. Everyone is on Bert and Sammy's asses, but why is everyone okay with Helm constantly being injured? He's not even the age of these guys. Maybe they should try to move Helm. I'm not trying to be a contrarian here, but people complain just to complain. I don't think there is enough the Wings can do to become legit contenders, so if they can't find a deal... let them go into the offseason and see when they can do there. It's a short season, few teams are out of it at this point so it's not like everyone is going to be shopping everyone like they would in a full season. My hopes are that the Wings make it to the playoffs for a 22nd straight year and give me extra Wings hockey to watch into hopefully the second round.
  11. dats13owns

    Mr Holland.....

    Hey, Hossa was great in game 3's in that playoff run!
  12. dats13owns

    Mr Holland.....

    Because the Wings didn't tank it for a decade like all of the teams who employee these guys? Instead, they have Datsyuk and Zetterberg who were sixth and seventh round picks and are arguably better than everyone on this list.
  13. dats13owns

    3/31 GDT: Blackhawks 7 Red Wings 1

    Hasek is still looking for work!
  14. dats13owns

    3/31 GDT: Blackhawks 7 Red Wings 1

    I love that a team coming off a four game west coast road trip that they won three out of four games including two against one of the best teams in hockey is getting roasted like this for getting beat in a game in which they're missing their captain and playing a clearly superior team. My biggest gripe is that it's on National TV so I have to hear about it tomorrow from a bunch of people who don't even follow hockey.
  15. dats13owns

    3/31 GDT: Blackhawks 7 Red Wings 1

    I see both of your points. I just think that every time the Wings have a bad game or give up a bad goal, "I like this team" starts coming up. It's played out. I'm as annoyed as the next person, but the Wings aren't typically a team to go public about their pending moves and such. Doing business in the NHL isn't easy and everyone complaining about not making this trade or not signing this player is pointless. It's the same thing as complaining about x amount of teams passing up on this player in the draft. Last years FA crop was pretty thin and top heavy. He tried. I don't necessarily like the Sammy-esque reunion tours ideal, but to just assume that he doesn't try is asinine.