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  1. A couple of questions: How did you purchase these tickets? What is the seat location of the tickets? How much are you charging? Have you looked into eBay? A big problem you're going to have once you get past the whole out-of-the-country thing is that there are a lot of tickets available for that game.
  2. Wow. Jurco rates a 6-page thread. Whoda thunk it? Anyway, I think this falls under the "Great for the player, will come back to bite us in the ass" category.
  3. Here I am to rain on your parade. Sorry. Please take the trade talk out of the GDT. Gee, if only there was another topic that stuff could be posted in.....
  4. Hank's helmet says it should have been $2500 and done.
  5. It's in about 15 minutes. Fingers crossed Player Safety doesn't make a complete mess of this.
  6. Public visitation at Fox Theater, a temporary memorial at Tiger Stadium for fans to share memories and condolences from the Wings website.
  7. Don't forget about our fabulous prize package for creating the best GDT using LGW-specific memes! I have added 4 Red Wings coasters to the mix.
  8. Sorry to be a killjoy, but this thread is going off the rails again. Please discuss the game and the game only in this thread. Any discussion of who needs to be moved where, etc. should be posted in an appropriate thread.
  9. Well, it's a loser point and the last 10 minutes were awesome save the defense. Nice comeback.
  10. Yeah, I was literally yelling at him. I don't know what's spooking him, but he's nigh on useless these days.
  11. Holy schniekies!! I can't believe they tied up this game. I hope this isn't just titillation and they intend to follow through on this. Checking for goaltender interference now. Of course they are.
  12. The best thing about this game is the jerseys.
  13. Roberts with a sweet play and Manny with an even sweeter glove save. Noice!
  14. Ooooo, boys are getting feisty in the corners now with 6 left iin the 3rd.