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  1. Im so glad I don't have to deal with you anymore. Worst mod that I have ever seen. 

    1. vladdy16


      Ah, but you do, you just don't know it.  :D

  2. vladdy16

    Jeff Blashill

  3. vladdy16

    Chelios Blasts Mike Babcock

    I'm shocked, shocked I tell you that this thread evolved from Babcock to Holland! Let's get back to Babs here and actually start a thread about Holland, please.
  4. vladdy16

    2017 ECQF: New York Rangers vs. Canadiens de Montréal

    Normally I would hop on the Habs bandwagon, but I don't want Weber to even have a whiff of success, so I'm going to back the Rags in this one.
  5. I need this framed on my wall.
  6. The Wings are live streaming the closing ceremony here.
  7. Yeah, Tampa was eliminated last night, so he didn't have to feel torn about being here. What? Helm couldn't bury two different chances? Shocking!
  8. Going old school with the goal celebration. I like it.
  9. Okay, one last time this season: I hereby invoke YGJB!
  10. I wouldn't think so. Tampa is fighting for their playoff lives right now. He probably wants to be involved in that. I was looking forward to Swenglish, but it sounds like Homer's been practicing. Booooo. "Jesus, Homer."
  11. A couple of questions: How did you purchase these tickets? What is the seat location of the tickets? How much are you charging? Have you looked into eBay? A big problem you're going to have once you get past the whole out-of-the-country thing is that there are a lot of tickets available for that game.
  12. vladdy16

    Tomas Jurco traded to Chicago for a 3rd rounder

    Wow. Jurco rates a 6-page thread. Whoda thunk it? Anyway, I think this falls under the "Great for the player, will come back to bite us in the ass" category.
  13. Here I am to rain on your parade. Sorry. Please take the trade talk out of the GDT. Gee, if only there was another topic that stuff could be posted in.....
  14. vladdy16

    Gustav Nyquist Hearing

    Hank's helmet says it should have been $2500 and done.