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    Babcock granted permission to talk to other teams

    I'm waiting for a Mike Babcock press conference live on NHL to happen. Where Babs says "The team I have chosen is..." then he stands up, rips off his suit and tie to reveal an nWo t-shirt.
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    Name That Band

    Led Zeppelin Sticky sticky porcelin
  4. I have two jerseys for sale. 1) Lidstrom jersey from 2009 Winter Classic (White) - Size Adult XL. Brand: Reebok. No fighting strap. Has Captain C on front. Near perfect condition. I searched this thing hard and there is absolutely nothing wrong with it. It's just not new in plastic from factory, so that's the only reason I say "near perfect". 2) Murphy away jersey (white). Autographed. Size Adult XL. Brand: Starter. No fighting strap. Unfortunately, there are some stains on the front. I have never tried to wash it because at least the back looks nice (where the autograph is) and I don't want to make it worse. I'm sure there is some sort of professional cleaning someone can do to it. I was in the military for 8 years and the jersey was left at home in storage. I have no idea what the stains are from. The autograph was from a public signing in White Lake, MI with Larry Murphy and Jamie Macoun. I won the jersey in a raffle and got to choose between Murphy or Macoun. I uploaded some pics. I hope this works. I'm selling because I need the money at the moment. We can meet up locally for cash swap, or you can pay me with PayPal and I'll mail it to you. We can work something out. Please PM me with offers. Please keep in mind I'm not trying to just "get rid of them". I do need the money. But it never hurts to make an offer. Thank you and I hope someone is interested. -Eric
  5. Adidarw

    Name That Band

    That's correct! How about this one: Ferocious planting of vegetables
  6. Adidarw

    Name That Band

    My family got me into this texting game yesterday during our Thanksgiving party. One person picks a band and comes up with some other way of saying the band name. Then everyone else tries to think of the band that person chose. The alternative band name must be related or somehow linkable to the original band name. For some examples: 21 + 20 could represent SUM 41 Squishing Squash could represent Smashing Pumpkins 8 Point Fruit could represent Buck Cherry (8 point buck) Fast Clothing Maker could represent Taylor Swift Punch to the Kisser could represent Smashmouth They all have to be band names. Nothing else. If nobody can guess it, you can ask for clues. My whole family had a blast playing this game throughout the day. I'll start it out.... 360 degree PhD
  7. Adidarw

    future captains?

    For those asking about locker room presence... As fans, the only sources we really have to gauge/judge from is how players carry themselves in interviews, their on-ice play and second-hand knowledge passed on from broadcasters and the like who have opportunities to see things first hand. We really don't know what each individual is like in the locker room. Unless there is some sort of secret underground source of information that I'm not aware of.
  8. Adidarw

    future captains?

    C - Dekeyser A - Nyquist A - Abdelkader
  9. Full article: This is an article about Ovechkin. At the end, there is a bit about Trotz "fixing" Ovechkin. He notes Scotty Bowman turning Yzerman from a pure-offensive guy into a two-way player. Trotz wants to do the same to Ovechkin.
  10. #Wireless B vs G vs N vs AC | What Is The Difference? #wifirouter

  11. Do you know the difference between #wireless G and N?

  12. I'm trusting @SourceWave's guide and making a small investment. Starting right now! Lets do this...

  13. Adidarw

    NHL Draft 2014: First Round

    From on Dylan Larkin: How dare he...
  14. @HeleneStJames Dylan Larkin's profile on "hometown of Waterford, Michigan"..."Fav NHL team: Toronto Maple Leafs"

  15. Need a new #printer? Do you know if you need a laser or inkjet printer?