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  1. drw138


  2. drw138

    Janne Makkonen - 'Life and Death'

    Thanks guys. Awesome videos. I love hockey!
  3. drw138

    3/30 GDT - Lightning 2 @ Red Wings 3

    Big game go wings go
  4. drw138

    Props to the DJ at the Joe

    love it when they play living on a prayer when we win our second game of a playoff series "oh oh were half way there" he's so fine when we had Robert Lang "du lang du lang du lang" always love sweet caroline and journey always gives me chills in the playoffs when the crowd takes over.
  5. drw138

    WCQF Game 2 GDT: Coyotes 3 at Red Wings 4

    doan is a COWARD for that facewash on franzen, someone needs to make him pay! those penalties were bush league, and if there called it sould be called on both teams red wings got 9 penalties today? i've watched alot of red wing games and that just doesn't happen. these refs need to swallow those whistles and let them play. not really a fan of complaining but Babcock has got to mention something in the post gamer Datsyuk is the man!!! Gotta kill them in phoenix, and ship the jets back up here!
  6. drw138

    Good luck from Winnipeg

    Yes I agree the quicker the better for winnipegs chances can't let the glendale bandwagon jumpers get started
  7. I may be wrong but i believe the champs do get to pick who they raise the banner against
  8. I would love detroit to put these hawks out of the playoffs it would serve them right for choosing to raise the banner against us. that was a bold move and I hope the wings remember that.
  9. drw138

    Joe Louis Red Wing Songs

    gotta be "fear of the dark" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nba3Tr_GLZU&feature=related but can't wait to hear Neil Diamond's sweet caroline when were flying high it always give me chills
  10. drw138

    Franzen Appreciation Thread

    REMEMBER: he came off a serious knee injury that usually requires a year to regain top form i think the mule is playing awesome defensively and average offensively
  11. drw138

    First Round MVP- Hank Zetterberg

    hank was good but... I thought howard was awesome, lidstrom came up huge how about fillpula, the list goes on great team from top to bottom in all their wins, their loses not so much
  12. drw138

    WCQF Game 7 GDT: Red Wings 6 at Coyotes 1

    to ANYONE who is bashing the MULE: he is playing damn good for someone coming off major knee injury rememeber fisher's knee, dare i say hatcher's knee, these are AT LEAST ONE YEAR for a FULL RECOVERY for playoff game shape. Franzen came back super early and is playing pretty f'ing well!! I like our chances now redemption 2010
  13. drw138

    2009 Finals

    i am still bitter about the whole thing i would love to see round 3 if the pens can make it.
  14. drw138

    #1 Hockey Country

    USA??? give your head a shake Canada lives and breathes hockey. (just wait and see at the olympics) hockey in the US is maybe 4th behind NFL, NBA, MLB not to mention nascar, tennis, golf hell i'm pretty sure darts and dog shows have a bigger following than hockey
  15. drw138


    AO is awsome but how is he soooo much better than hank or pav offensively? if one of those two played in an all out, run and gun eastern s***ty team where they were the only guy on the bench to turn to and they didn't have to think about defense they might score 60+??? or at least be 100+pts. hell pav had 97 or something and spends half his energy on defense. a guy like AO will shine offensively because thats his only role. with that said LIDSTROM is the BEST hands down right now. but if i'm building a team you'd be crazy to pick lidstrom over AO, hank, pav, crosby, toews, stamkos?, etc, etc hell you might get a 18+ seasons of hall of fame hockey out of those guys