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  1. GDT

    lmao well its clear as day why we won't be making it past the 1st round this year. The POWER PLAY
  2. GDT

    Do it for Dats
  3. I can't stand this little prick. f*** Johnson
  4. GDT

    Let's go Red Wings!!! Tie this baby up
  5. gdt

    But remember Katie that was with Howard starting. Howard is a loser and Mrazek is a winner. Big difference
  6. GDT

    It's King Petr time ladies and gents. Time to see a unreal performance by a quality netminder
  7. GDT

    you know what I mean smartass lol
  8. GDT

    Big E actually has a decent track record in the playoffs. Remember how good he was in the 09 cup run?
  9. GDT

    I'll be so freaking happy when Howard is finally out of Detroit. He isn't good he is barely even average.
  10. GDT

    I'll be happy if Blashill somehow grows a brain and realizes leaning on Zetterberg for 20 mins a night isn't going to result in anything. This isn't 2008 anymore
  11. GDT

    Win this s***
  12. GDT

    But Pulkinnen was supposed to be like Hull
  13. GDT

    Man look at Anthanasiou hustle holy crap i love him