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  1. OK, I've dug up some history. Starting with yesterday's game, two rather unusual occurrences will be taking place: 1) Due to the re-scheduling of the Away game of 19/12/2016 v. Carolina to 27/03/2017, 5 games will be played in the same calendar week for only the third time in Club history. Previously, it had happened in both 1954 and 1970. 2) Again, because of this re-scheduled game, 3 consecutive games will be played for only the sixth time in Club history. Previously, it happened in 1953, 1959, 1964,1971 and 1976. That's all I've got.
  2. NHL recommits to keeping Coyotes in Phoenix area; CommissionerGary Bettman says League believes in long-term viability of franchise. It's the gift that keeps on giving!
  3. Last night's game tied a Club Record, namely Most One-Goal Shutouts, Season: 6, tying the existing record set in 1954-55. Records in each season, after said games: 1954-55: 3W-3L 2016-17: 2W-2L-2OTL Plenty of time left to break this record.
  4. NHL's 100 Years In 100 Seconds.
  5. I heard this from the legendary play-by-play broadcaster Mike Stubbs, during his pre-game before tonight's Sarnia v. London OHL game on AM980, London ON, which i will paraphrase: Saturday's Columbus (14-game winning streak) v. Minnesota (12-game winning streak) game is the first time in NHL history that both teams enjoy current double-digit winning streaks.
  6. Paul Woods talks too much fast. Just saying'.
  7. Since the taste-test in the "Hot Dog War" has already been mentioned, I would be remiss as being a Canadian if I didn't offer a visit to the Mariners' Church of Detroit (Free and Independent). After reading this, feel free to admit that you're humming the song.
  8. As I have a vested interest in a player involved in one of the inaugural games played, I am tickled pink to read the news of this new site. More information can be gleaned at nhl dot calm.
  9. This win ends the second 12-game Away Losing Streak v. Philadelphia in Club History, tieing the Club Record against them, with the first one stretching from 14/10/1973 to 19/11/1978, including 2 shutouts and no overtime games. This most recent streak also included 2 shutouts and 1 overtime game.
  10. it's almost-finest: Last night marked the tenth time the Club has had a record of 4-2 after their first six games. However, it's only the second time that two losses to begin the season were followed by four wins, the other season being 1926-27. If they haven't already, ESB is more than welcome to use this.
  11. "Hockey Night Heroes: Great Canadian Forwards". From nhl dot calm: Unveiling of the "Hockey Night Heroes: Great Canadian Forwards" stamps at the HHoF, 23/09/2016.
  12. It would be remiss on my part, as an OF-FI / Forum Resident / CPC Retiree, if I did not make this information available to those at LGW, who may be interested in this new collection of postage stamps being offered by the Canada Post Corporation. Link 1: the CBC Link 2: the CPC
  13. Sad news. I would see him do the sports on CITY-TV, Toronto ON and you knew that wasn't going to be his last job. I had forgotten that he was the original television play-by-playannouncer of the Raptors. The Saunders brothers: John and Bernie, Western Michigan University, 1976.
  14. This article, from the New York Times, might fit in quite nicely right about here (especially since Uncle Gary hates having to answer to a higher being than himself): N.H.L. Commissioner Gary Bettman Continues to Deny C.T.E. Link