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  1. I absolutely agree with you, OlfTimeWinger. I hope that they are able to somehow shed salaries of "dead" assets from this past season, Franzen being one and underachievers Sheehan) for another. Actually, the only players in my opinion worth keeping/protecting are AA, Larkin and Manrha. Build a team around them like I said earlier, I don't know how or if they can get rid of the rest of the remaining players, but if there is a way, I wish they would unfortunately, until the management of our beloved Detroit Red Wings is changed and upgraded from the Gm down, I'm afraid we will hear more of the same like we have heard for the last few years and nothing major will change.
  2. I haven't read the entire thread but I've been nervous and pacing and my stomach is tied I'm knots. I am so anxious about this game tonight. But remember: 1. The Wings have always come back after a bad game in these playoffs and won the next game. 2. In game 6, without the &$&;4.$; penalty shot goal, that game would have been tied and we would have gone into overtime and then it was anyone's game. Wings could have won and eliminated the Hawks. 3. It doesn't matter that the Hawks won the last two games. We won 3 in a row. 4. Just like Z and Dats are both overdue to score, the Wings are overdue for a win. Here's to hooping and praying the Wings win tonight. I don't care by how many goals just as long as they win and eliminate the Hawk -- tonight. GO WINGS!!!!
  3. I'm ready!!! come on boys, lets do this!!! GO WINGS!!!!!
  4. Please do this, boys -- WIN!! I know you can do this!! GO WINGS!!!!!
  5. I've been screaming all game that Fil should have been sitting and not playing. OMG. He better be gone!!!
  6. Happy Birthday Stevie Y!!! We miss you!! Lets go Wings!!
  7. Where can I find boudreau's presser after last night's game?
  8. I'm hoping Zetterberg has a talk with the team and calms everybody down. It seemed to work before theyplayed the last week of the season, and IMHO it's time to do it again. Come on boys, WIN!!!!
  9. Truly awesome!! Thanks for posting!
  10. What's on your mind?

  11. Don't you mean UNemploying Brad McCrimmon?
  12. I think that the hearbreaking loss last night will turn that "hunger" into anger/determination for next season. If nothing else, home ice sometimes makes a difference and I think the Wings will storm the NHL next season. Thanks for the ride, boys! See you next year!!! GO WINGS!!
  13. Yeah, me too. I wanted to turn off the TV after the score was 3-1. The Wings were getting beat in almost every aspect of that game and I just could not bring myself to watch them go down, which I thought would happen. As it happened, I watched until about 13 minutes were left in the third then I couldn't take it anymore, so I went into another room, turn on my TV really loud so that I couldn't hear the game and just rocked back and forth like a baby, waiting and hoping......
  14. Me, too. I felt that all through Game 5 and already have a tight knot in the pit of my stomach. GO WINGS!!!