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  1. juiceman

    Parking at LCA

    Park at the MGM Grand garage. No charge & it's only a walk of a couple of blocks.
  2. juiceman

    10/16 GDT : Tampa Bay Lightning at Red Wings, 7:30 EST

    Agreed on the horn, I think it only sounds different on TV due to the acoustics of the arena. I've been to three games there & did not think it sounded any different than at the Joe. As for the upper bowl seating, there are no seats that have obstructed views of the ice. It looks like some of the seats would be blocked by the press box on the east side & the gondola seating on the west. But, due to the steepness of the bowl, you actually have a clear view of the ice from the last row of the upper bowl. However, if you are sitting in seats around row 10 & higher, then the press box & gondola block your view of the video board. There are TV's on the back of both structures that show a feed from the video board.
  3. juiceman

    New arena construction updates

    Supposedly they are unable to bring the actual horn over from the JLA. The reason being is because the actual horn used a flammable gas that doesn't meet current building codes. It was grandfathered in for the Joe, but not definitely not for the LCA.
  4. juiceman

    Little Caesars Sneak Peek

    MGM Grand would be your best option. It's within walking distance & it's also free.
  5. juiceman

    New arena construction updates

    Depends on what game you're looking at. Most of the games still have tickets available through the box office. However, it depends on the opponent. For example, I was looking at the Leafs game on December 15th. Upper bowl & mezzanine seats are running about $160.00 + each. Mezzanine seats between the blue lines are $250.00 each. Lower bowl run like $218.00 to $500.00 each. The more expensive seats are between the blue lines on either side of the ice. For the Winnipeg game on December 5th, upper bowl tickets are under $100.00 each, mezzanine seats range between $85.00 & $150.00, and lower bowl tickets are over $100.00 each. Now, you might be able to get tickets for cheaper through StubHub or Ticket Exchange. Unfortunately, the prices were set by the team, so it really isn't Ticketmaster 'price gouging.'
  6. juiceman

    New arena construction updates

    Ice is being put in: Video board also being tested, along with banners in the rafters. Although, if you look through some of the Instagram posts on either the arena's page or the District Detroit page, it appears the banners keep disappearing/reappearing. So I don't know if they keep taking them down or if there is a system in place where they get wrapped up.
  7. juiceman

    New arena construction updates

    That is somewhat of an improvement over what they had at the Joe.
  8. LOL! There was a McDonald's ad on the boards behind them advertising the return of the McRib. Likely only in Florida though.
  9. She likely isn't...but the McRib is back!!
  10. juiceman

    Pistons could play in LCA

    The Palace was actually renovated for around $40 million over the past few years after Gores bought the Pistons & PSE. Also, the Palace was built using 100% of Davidson's money, the taxpayers paid zero dollars for it, so it was technically their own arena. It makes perfect sense to have the team back in Detroit proper. Also, I question the whole ice quality issue with shared facilities. With the ice equipment & technology that's out there now, it is a lot better to maintain good ice. For example, LA shares with both the Lakers & Clippers, plus the Staples Center has a lot of other events going on throughout the year. Staples Center is pretty much busy year round. I've never really heard of any major issues with ice quality there. The only one that I usually hear about is Madison Square Garden in New York. They recently spent a lot to renovate there, so it's possible they upgraded their ice making facilities.
  11. juiceman

    10/17 GDT : at Red Wings 5, Ottawa Senators 1

    Aren't they supposed to have a Farewell to the Joe patch on the jerseys?
  12. juiceman

    Single Game Tickets Pre Sale

    Typically, only a handful of tickets will be released on these pre-sales. I'm sure that if you check again on Monday morning when they go on sale for everyone, there will be a large number of tickets available for all games. Well, except for the final game on April 9th.
  13. juiceman

    Kane case headed to grand jury

    The thought is is that the mother planted the evidence bag between her front doors. The girl had her belongings returned to her in the bag & for some reason, the mother held onto the bag.
  14. juiceman

    Kane case headed to grand jury

    It's likely the evidence bag that held the accuser's personal belongings (cell phone, clothes, etc). The girl likely had items returned to her after they were processed & deemed not necessary in the investigation. That would probably explain why the bag had the examining nurse's name on it.