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  1. NotTooAbby

    2021 Off-Season (Too Soon?)

    And perhaps more importantly... "All games will be live streamed on"
  2. NotTooAbby

    2021 Off-Season (Too Soon?)

    MLive has it at around a 4.4M AAV
  3. NotTooAbby

    Apathy - GDT - vs Dallas 4/19/21

    I'm not looking forward to Benn in OT
  4. NotTooAbby

    Apathy - GDT - vs Dallas 4/19/21

    The simple fact that we're tied is remarkable.
  5. NotTooAbby

    Apathy - GDT - vs Dallas 4/19/21

    I'm at the game; tell me about it. I'm just hoping we at least score one.
  6. NotTooAbby

    2020 Draft Thread

  7. NotTooAbby

    Pride and Player Sexuality

    I just finished watching the series for the first time. Great reference
  8. I think this picture of Jimmy "Bag o' Donuts" Howard about summed up our year. Also, Bromé looks decent. Hopefully he sticks.
  9. What a shot! That was a snipe!
  10. It's always great to remember why Jimmy "4 Goals" Howard is riding the pine. (Sadly, he used to be called "3 Goals" until I looked at his numbers) Screen or not, he's consistently out of position. smh
  11. Zadina x2. Both flukey, but he's putting it on net. Gio causing havoc in front for the second. Young guns representating
  12. NotTooAbby

    1/20 Avalunch GDT - Red Wings @ Avalanche - 3:00 PM ET

    GOAL!!! Nice job Larkin and Bert. I'll temper my excitement due to Jimmy "4 Goals" Howard being between the pipes.
  13. Less than two minutes into the game, a Little Caesar's reference for Trocheck.
  14. It's what happens when Jimmy "3 Goals" Howard is in net. Looks like tonight he's overachieving.