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  1. NotTooAbby

    1/20 Avalunch GDT - Red Wings @ Avalanche - 3:00 PM ET

    GOAL!!! Nice job Larkin and Bert. I'll temper my excitement due to Jimmy "4 Goals" Howard being between the pipes.
  2. Less than two minutes into the game, a Little Caesar's reference for Trocheck.
  3. It's what happens when Jimmy "3 Goals" Howard is in net. Looks like tonight he's overachieving.
  4. I'm ready for Fil to get get traded. Stevie, get on it.
  5. So that's what scoring a goal is like... What the **** just happened!?!?
  6. Maybe it's just me, but I'm over Helm, Hirose, and Nemeth. Trade em for whatever we can get and bring up some kids. I'm constantly yelling at my TV about to them.
  7. I'm hoping the seats were the problem, so I'm changing spots. Let's try this again. Still holding onto the 90s and rocking to the throwback hat. LGRW
  8. eBay. Some guy is "selling" his used hat for $119.95! Oddly enough, no bids.
  9. Tonight will be my first game ever at LCA (Row 4 behind the face-off dot). In honor of this most glorious event, I'm breaking out my 90s Vintage Starter hat to accompan my Abby Winter Classic Jersey. LGRW!!!!!
  10. NotTooAbby


    Spoof GPS app + Fox Sports Go app + friend's account login = I watched the whole thing..... In Texas
  11. NotTooAbby


    So far Sulak has looked pretty good. Ericsson, not so much