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  1. Jenny

    The person below me game...

    Nope. The person below me has Spring Cleaning in progress.
  2. Jenny

    This or That

    Bare feet. Socks or slippers if it's really cold. Regular gummy worms or sour gummy worms?
  3. Jenny

    The person below me game...

    A few flurries, but nothing yet that could really be considered a snowfall. (And it can stay that way, as far as I'm concerned.) The person below me is procrastinating on their pre-Thanksgiving responsibilities. (I don't wanna vacuum. The dog does most of the shedding, so HE should vacuum!)
  4. "Hipsters" don't bother me. Flare jeans (or bellbottoms, if you will) are superior to skinny jeans. Pizza is tastier with olive oil used in place of tomato sauce. I love to read. Corollary: I like my e-book reader AND physical books. It's unpopular to not have a strong preference between the two, apparently.
  5. Jenny

    The person below me game...

    Yes, I would indeed like some fries. I suppose it is lunch time, at that. The person below me currently has an overflowing laundry basket.
  6. Jenny

    This or That

    Enormous. Dragonfly or ladybug?
  7. Jenny

    The person below me game...

    Nope. The person below me thinks this "article" about John Tortorella from The Onion is funny.
  8. This would be funnier if the Wings had forced Game 7 instead of the other way around, but still.
  9. Jenny

    Members photos

    I won a contest on Twitter.
  10. Jenny

    Members photos

    It's a terribly blurry shot, but I got to ride the Zamboni at the Griffins game on Friday night! Here's what I look like when I'm not blurry:
  11. OMG, I love that whole thing. Especially the little Pavel heads floating around like birds around a cartoon character who's been hit in the head!
  12. Jenny

    Another reason why Red Wings fans are awesome.

    I love that he was so prepared that he actually brought a spare picture of Mrs. Kane to use after the first one was confiscated.
  13. Jenny

    Jokes, know any?

    Knock knock. Who's there? Impatient cow. Impatient c-- MOO!
  14. If you're in an upper bowl corner section, try to avoid rows 26 and 27. Those are short rows that are kind of jammed up under an underhang, so they don't have the same amount of rise as other rows--it's hard to see over the people in front of you. Other than that, I've never encountered a seat with a bad sightline anywhere in the Joe.
  15. Jenny

    This or That

    Bunga. Ninja turtles or regular turtles?