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  1. For me it was between Abby and Nielsen. But I think Nielsen will be a strong leader regardless
  2. Coach Blashill has named Justin Abdelkader the new assistant captain of the Detroit #RedWings Hockey Club.
  3. Wow was at the game and am so impressed with Europe. They deserved that game more than Canada did Tatar looks like a new man was very impressed and Nielsen looks very good too, pumped for wings hockey
  4. The only good thing about him playing wing is that he can blow the zone a bit and get behind defenders
  5. AA has to make this team his speed is just out of this world and creates so many chances
  6. Wow! AA to mantha holy speed kills
  7. Say what you want but that 4th line looks like hell to play against. And they've chipped in 2 tonight
  8. Would love a pm for a link too. Thanks
  9. Ya i was wondering this too
  10. I think it would go through but we could be giving up too much, maybe have oullete in there instead of marchy
  11. We should be all over trouba
  12. I would think he would draw in next game that team needs scoring
  13. Anybody know if vanek played last night?
  14. Really like this deal, if cap goes up over the next couple years it's a steal and a half
  15. Wouldn't even hate Z as a third line winger playing with 2 young guys in AA and Mantha. I would love for the center ice to be Larkin-Nielsen-AA- glendening. Abby- Larkin- Tatar Vanek- Nielsen- Nyquist (off wings) Z- AA- Mantha Helm- Glenny- sheahan That would be my ideal lineup if there's no changes. Say Tatar is traded I would like Mantha up into his spot and jurco in Mantha spot