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  1. Haven't posted here on years, but i'm drunk and GO WINGS! Mrazek a beast!
  2. I'm going to the game on saturday, how early can you get inside the park for warm ups?
  3. I felt kinda weird with my username when he left.
  4. Well I guess on the bright side...our division rivals are significantly worse. And, uh..
  5. My buddy told me we signed Samuelson and I thought he was just joking.
  6. Hat trick, seems to help win games more than fighting these days. Def Leopard or Bon Jovi?
  7. I really hope we blow them out the next 3 games, and karma gods give justice and Weber breaks his legs going down the escalator at the Detroit airport. Is that evil of me to wish?
  8. It's really not even funny. It's like the blackhawks fans that chant Red Wings sucks. They just don't get it.
  9. Webber take him out.
  10. Yeah that would be great. Their all excited in the pregame throwing cat fishes on the ice, and we just blow them out 4-0 in the 1st period. Life sucked out of the building just like that.
  11. Volleyball. More action I think? Bob Saget or Chef Ramsey?
  12. Yeah, were sweeping them.
  13. They will win tonight. I don't know about game 6 but they will win tonight. Gonna carry on that detroit mojo from Justin Verlanders no hitter lol.
  14. Favorite time of the year, watching at the bar and drunk friends asking me why the goalie has bigger pads than everybody else lol.