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  1. guess he's doing ok at the hospital. thank goodness! when was Franzen #39?
  2. ANOTHER ONE! A few years ago I had a stroke, at a young age, while being a very active athlete... Teddy Bruschi (NE Patriot) had one while I was in recovery. Mine was major but I thankfully regained a ton being young, athletic and just plain stubborn. It's a scary thing to have happen! I mean very scary. I am very happy to see Letang have a chance of resuming his career as did Teddy Bruschi. I have permanent damage and look hammered drunk when I walk. I hate seeing stroke gain popularity, but it IS growing, and cringe every time I read it.
  3. I read this topic when it first was posted and got a little bit angry after reading some of the reactions to this news. I've never had a concussion (that I knew of) but can relate in my own way. At 27, I had a major stroke. Possibly sports related, possibly not?! I have a symptom called Aphasia that SUUUUUUUUCKS! It's like a logjam in my brain and the only way to fix it is to take a step back and relax. If Franzen has something similar, I can sympathize and only dream that his ailments go away. Don't know why I just shared this, but personally I feel a bit better that I have. That's all, carry on
  4. gdt

    ME TOO!!!!!! I saw that and screamed, but thought 'i guess he hit it with his arm or something' because it wasn't highlighted immediately... Beautiful save!
  5. I feel as though some peeps might be a bit more angry!
  6. i saw DMac a few years ago at Somerset at a Gamestop?!
  7. how does everybody think about Shanny's decision now?!
  8. i'm thankful for you guys.. i lurk (look at my post count), and i enjoy reading all the stuff you guys bicker about n' stuff. i'm just thankful i'm from Detroit (suburb) and i get to call my home team(s) the Wings, Lions, Tigers and Pistons!
  9. people still use BBM?
  10. i'm not sure when i saw it, i believe that it was an in game thing that i caught. it was talking about Nick as the defensive leader blah blah. they said he sticks to himself but has been vocal before. he has been known to speak up during the playoffs and really some eye opening chatter. and YOU KNOW when Nick is speaking, you better f'n listen. he's the best modern day defensemen we've seen.
  11. Totally agree with others about not having to be the best to be a captain. Dats does indeed do magic, no questions asked, but lead by example doesnt always give you the 'C'. to a degree Lids doesn't represent being a captain. he DOES do everything correct, but doesn't hammer guys or drop the gloves or get caught laying into guys for their mistakes...... u know? he has earned the captaincy no doubt and and we know he has a great locker room presence. i was just trying to use him as an example.... do i think anybody else on the team could be a better captain than Nick, NO. even though he is, you don't have to be the best to be a captain. hah, after rereading this, i should just delete it.
  12. Personally i hate the kid even more because ESPN NHL first headline reads...... shoot they took it down, BUT i saved a pic (because i wanted to make fun of him and share with ya'll). the headline read "Crosby says he's sore, but healthy" a) he's sore from ____? heeh b) are you serious... we need updates on his soreness? c) great night following your spectacular 'must watch tv' return bud. d) have a happy thanksgiving LGW!
  13. miller a tool? give me more to back that up. he's a goalie for goodness sake. he's a lil sketchy by nature, but a tool? Ov, fine...... where's the love for Stamkos? kid is amazing!