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  1. ozone923

  2. Confused on the direction of this team going forward

    I trust that Holland and co. saw something that was disposable in Jarnkrok. Theres a reason theyve held so strongly with the others, including Jurco. And one cannot trust the 'editors' at NHL.com to make a list of groceries let alone top prospects. Keep in mind that the highly touted Forsberg has yet to prove he can play the North American game as well. What I'm trying to say is I hope to god that Jarnkrok doesn't pan out.
  3. Top 20 Worst Corsi - 3 Red Wings

    http://www.kuklaskorner.com/index.php/psh/comments/worst_20_team_and_zone_adjusted_corsi_ratings1/?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter Thoughts? Cory Emmerton is the worst player on the list other than players that were traded (like Nick Schultz, according to the article). Holmstrom is in the mix, as well as Kindl. You guys firm believers in these stats?
  4. Great Mitch Albom article on the wings

    i think you missed the fact that this was hypothetical lol. what hes trying to say, i think, is that suter and parise are overpaid to the nines and we are getting great bang for our buck here in detroit.
  5. Great Mitch Albom article on the wings

    Ew. Nutjob alert.
  6. Great Mitch Albom article on the wings

    AND a nice little article: http://www.freep.com/article/20120708/COL01/207080601/Mitch-Albom-With-Ryan-Suter-on-Red-Wings-or-not-Detroit-is-still-Hockeytown Discuss!
  7. Suter Watch: Decision today, down to Wings/Wild

    Soo its reported that they do indeed talk and might want to play together. Only Minnesota and us can afford both as legitimate options.
  8. Parise Watch [update x2]: Red Wings OUT of Running

    Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha ^^^^
  9. Still no decision from Suter. Speculation abounds.

    Seconded. Speculation and rumours are speculation and rumours. Don't count us out of anything. Not yet.
  10. Bobby Ryan

    Why does everyone hate on my boy Franzen? Davidf****** Jones costs 4mil a year for 20 goals. And that's without being a playoff beast (yes I still believe Franzen's got it). Keep him!
  11. Still no decision from Suter. Speculation abounds.

    Pens have 10 million in space right now. We have 16.8. Before the start of the season, teams can overspend by 7mil... Giving both wings and pens chance to grab both, although it's far more realistic for us.
  12. From a loving fan/friend

    You guys are awesome. I don't know many wings fan up here in toronto so it's awesome to go through this s*** show of a free agency with some cool wings fans. Having said that, it's pretty funny seeing how we're all freaking out and all our friends and families hate us because we haven't payed any attention to them. Cheers guys, however it plays out. It's been fun so far.
  13. Parise Watch [update x2]: Red Wings OUT of Running

    Everything you hear right now is speculation. Hes going home to decide. It's just guys like Eklund (losers) spinning b.s. to keep us entranced. Parise could easily still choose the Wings IMO. It's all just a s*** show!
  14. Bobby Ryan

    I'm glad people agree about Fil's worth. Love the guy, even before this past breakout season. And I'm also sure Zetterberg would be PISSED if Fil was traded.
  15. Bobby Ryan

    Filppula is NOT table scraps. 60 points and awesome defense. In my mind its almost an even trade between Fil and Ryan... but some people call me CRAAAAAAZAAAAY.