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  1. Official 2018 NHL Amateur Entry Draft Discussion Thread

    Well Zadina may slip. If not him Wahlstrom is said to be the best goal scorer in this draft and should be available at 6.
  2. 2018 Off-Season Trades / Signings / News

    Not afraid he can’t, never said I thought so. I just don’t prescribe to Blashill’s silly line juggling and crapping all over young guys while letting vets get away with everything. The reality is that Blash won’t roll four lines like that. In your scenario, AA, Svech, and Bert would get 8-10 minutes a night and that’s a joke for three offensively gifted youngster with lots of energy. Abdelkader should never see top 6 time. He’s a bottom 6 forward. I’d rather Svech learn while playing alongside Zetterberg than alongside AA who has proven that his work ethic is questionable at times. I get what you’re saying about Svech staying in the AHL another season, but find it funny you followed that up with having him in the lineup anyway.
  3. 2018 Off-Season Trades / Signings / News

    So Ras deserves 1st kind minutes right out the gate? Funny how you s*** on one guy who had a solid first pro season but hurl a true rookie into 1st lime minutes. Not to mention tossing Bert on the 4th line after playing great hockey on the 1st this past season. Abby on the 2nd line? Hahaha, we don’t have Datsyuk for him to lean on anymore. At least I attempted to balance the lines somewhat. It’s garbage to work with in the first place, but yeesh. Yep, sooo pessimistic... that is usually your m.o.
  4. Howard = Average

    Do they look at trading for Grubauer.. saw a rumor about him being a good fit here since our goaltending depth is abysmal.
  5. Official 2018 NHL Amateur Entry Draft Discussion Thread

    Zadina, Bouchard, Wahlstrom, Kotkaniemi, Hughes That would be my preference according to who is available at 6
  6. 2018 Off-Season Trades / Signings / News

    I think we are a rebuilding team and sometimes you give guys a chance. Svechnikov in his time last season played a very sound game. He didn't set the world on fire, but he also didn't play jack for minutes or any time on the man advantage. You asked a question, I'm just giving my answer. I'm sure as s***e not putting Abdelkader or Helm on the 2nd line, so in that scenario, what do you do? Shun the kid to crap minutes or let him learn from Zetterberg? Quit acting like we are the 2010 team and consider that times change and they need youth to take steps and grow. Do you think Rasmussen has proven he's a top 9 player since he hasn't played pro hockey yet? yada yada yada
  7. Rumors Thread

    No news about Faulk it seems.
  8. 2018 Off-Season Trades / Signings / News

    If we are entertaining Nyquist and/or Athanasiou (before the season)... Bertuzzi-Larkin-Mantha (grinder/net front presence-playmaker-sniper/power forward) Nyquist-Zetterberg-Svechnikov (playmaker-playmaker-power forward/sniper) Rasmussen-Nielsen-Abdelkader (power forward/net front-playmaker-grinder) *I would prefer Helm on this line over Abdelkader Turgeon-Glendening-Helm (grinders with a little playmaking ability (Turgeon & Helm)) Witkowski (waste of a roster spot) This is not to say that I don't agree that we should look into trading Svechnikov if it nets us something we need (defense, good pick).
  9. 2018 Off-Season Trades / Signings / News

    You can’t say how Svech or Ras will do, plain and simple. If you keep handing over roles to old vets and keep pushing back a youth movement, you do a disservice to the rebuild.
  10. 2018 Off-Season Trades / Signings / News

    Simon Despres is interested in getting back into the NHL. Says he’ll do whatever it takes, money is not an issue, and that he’ll even entertain starting in the AHL if he has to. He’s 26, good sized, defensive, and sounds like he’s done a lot to come back from his concussion issues a few seasons back. If I’m Kenny, I at least try to lock him down in GR.
  11. Rumors Thread

    Wayne Simmonds is the right-handed shot Detroit deserves, but not the one they need right now.
  12. Jeff Blashill

    I really hope that the Howard rumor is true, too. I think, however, that I read somewhere recently that said Holland wouldn't trade Howard since then we'd have to acquire 2 goalies in free agency. I feel like, who cares, if you can get assets in a rebuild, why the hell not? Then go out and sign Kari Lehtonen and Carter Hutton, or trade for Grubauer and pick up a 1b/backup goalie. McGruber to the rescue!
  13. Official 2018 Off Season *Rebuild* Thread

    I don't think it'd be enough. Even if it was enough, I wouldn't make that trade. Karlsson is 28, will cost them a fortune in a year, and they won't be relevant again until he's in his 30's.
  14. Rumors Thread

    Double lazy. You're on double secret probation, sir! I'm sorry but Witko is Worthless.
  15. Rumors Thread

    Just a lazy response right there. If Holland doesn't, at the very least, pursue Trotz and make an offer, then he's crazy.