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  1. SwedeLundin77

    News From Around the NHL

    You don't trade Mantha on the heels of his dominant performance at the worlds. That would be foolish.
  2. The guy is a -143 in his NHL career (just over 5 seasons). Hard Pass. The closest player to his -41 last season was -22 and it's even worse if you just look at the defensemen +/-. Sucks for our offense up front and even worse for our defense.
  3. SwedeLundin77

    2020 Tank

    I wager our team defense improves a little this year with the addition of Nemeth and Filppula. Otherwise, I'm still assuming a bottom 10 finish.
  4. SwedeLundin77

    News From Around the NHL

    Sorry, when I said KHL bias, I really meant Russian bias. Yikes
  5. SwedeLundin77

    News From Around the NHL

    Okay, it's probably, at the very least, just as foolish for you to project him at a lower NHL point total. Given that two separate projections that do this type of stuff all the time put him above 50 points, I'm going to side with them over your assumption. He's worth a second round pick, easy.
  6. SwedeLundin77

    News From Around the NHL

    I'm really starting to think there is a bias against KHL players here... haha
  7. Forgot about those options as well, also very solid options if we are to add another winger. I still feel that we should let the kids play, at this point. It's already bad enough that we have Filppula AND Nielsen AND Helm... wish we could trade 2 of them.
  8. I honestly think Gardiner will cost too much. I'm not sure about Boyle. Personally, if they're going to add a RW and D still, I'd like to see something like this: RW Options: Jason Pominville (could be had on a short term deal, can provide middle 6 scoring) Justin Williams (could be had on a short term deal, can provide some scoring, great locker room guy and leader) Valeri Nichushkin (young, just bought out by Dallas, reclamation project) Jimmy Hayes Devante Smith-Pelly Drew Stafford Michael Ferland Marcus Johansson Ryan Dzingel D Options: Ben Chiarot Ben Hutton Michael Del Zotto
  9. SwedeLundin77

    Rumors Thread

    Umm yes please.
  10. It seems apparent that they need to deal Nielsen or Helm... Just too many guys who are very similar right now. I'm guessing they don't feel Veleno is ready this season and Rasmussen starts down in GR (which is perfectly fine).
  11. Could also be a move for when we, maybe, trade Howard at the deadline. In any case, it doesn't hurt. Pickard has good AHL numbers, won a Calder Cup.
  12. Depth signing. He'll probably be down in GR with Larsson.
  13. My money is on Veleno or Zadina being up... I think Cholowski needs a good chunk of time in GR to work on some stuff and Rasmussen could benefit as well with playing top-line minutes.
  14. Stick to your guns, I like it. They had their eyes on this kid and didn't want to let him go. Must have seen something special if they were willing to take him this high. From everything I've read about him, seems like he is a very safe pick and the lowest he projects is top 4 defensive defensemen with offensive potential. A shutdown guy who has top back skating speed and can keep up with the rush. Oh, and he rarely makes mistakes or lapses on defense. Oh, and he has a good first pass.
  15. Wait, is KRS TLGTrico now?