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  1. SwedeLundin77

    2019 Draft

    Interesting... this topic is 2019 Draft.... yet there is a WHOLE lot of talk about the 2018 Draft... Get back on the topic already.
  2. SwedeLundin77

    Report: Detroit to name Steve Yzerman as GM

    Did anyone glean how long Yzerman is signed for? I haven't been able to find any details on that. Holland apparently signed a multi-year extension in his new position and it sounds like he is staying put, but I could see him moving on to Seattle if they come calling in 2020sh. I think a big part of it is that he and Yzerman are really good friends, so that has to be a nice reason to stick around in an executive position. I just hope Yzerman is allowed to spread his wings, so to speak, and not be hampered by Holland/Illitch on whatever direction he wants to go (trading players, buying out players, signing players). Obviously, Holland will have input, but it better be Yzerman's show to run and make decisions. If this team doesn't take a step forward and show player growth again this upcoming season, I hope he has the latitude to fire Blashill, if he deems it appropriate.
  3. SwedeLundin77

    Official 2019 Offseason Rebuild Thread

    It's simple, they need to find a way to trim the fat off of this roster: Move Abdelkader (not going to happen because it's a terrible contract) Move or buyout Ericsson Move or buyout Daley Do not re-sign Vanek Hope that Kronwall decides to retire (unless we can move one of the D I mentioned above) Try and move Helm
  4. Madison Bowey, Mike Green, Filip Hronek, Luke Glendening, Thomas Vanek, Luke Witkowski, Alec Regula, Lane Zablocki, Ryan O'Reilly, John Adams, Cole Fraser, Reilly Webb, Vili Saarijarvi, Seth Barton, Martin Frk, Dylan McIlrath, Gustav Lindstrom, Patrick Holway..... That's just current players on the team or in the system.
  5. I don't care for Holland, but what are you going to do? Not go for two of the top college forwards available because they're not righties?
  6. Don't forget that they have three 2nd round picks so there is the potential to trade up. I'm unhappy we didn't get a pick and prospect but at the end if the day it's a player that they hopefully won't sign again and they can start moving forward.
  7. Nice to see Abdelkader on an appropriate line. Athanasiou on the third line makes zero sense. Rasmussen may be a healthy scratch tonight for Ehn. They're considering sending him down to juniors so that he can play in the AHL playoffs. Really confused as to why Nyquist isn't on the top line to showcase him and hopefully move him. There is no reason to keep him beyond this season, especially since you'd be banking on him having this kind of production continue, which is very risky.
  8. SwedeLundin77


    Sulak and Cholowski look the readiest to jump into the NHL now.
  9. SwedeLundin77

    1 Spot open for LGW Fantasy Hockey KEEPER League!

    Matt, I messaged you earlier but haven't heard back. Any spots left?
  10. SwedeLundin77

    Zetterberg's status in 2 years. MOD WARNING PAGE 6

    A big question mark is going to be goaltending. They need one of those young guys to develop and show up strong.
  11. SwedeLundin77

    Zetterberg's status in 2 years. MOD WARNING PAGE 6

    Blashill is not a good coach... plain and simple. And on topic, it'll suck to lose Z, but I think it's time for the team to start forming a new identity with Larkin leading the way.
  12. SwedeLundin77

    2018 Prospect Tournament and Training Camp

    Given the fact that he actually can skate and scouts have said as much since there was some doubt when he was drafted means all these comments about his skating ability are negative fandom BS. Knock it off.
  13. SwedeLundin77

    Dylan Larkin Signs ($6.1M x 5 yrs)

    That's a good signing. He is the future Captain and should be a perennial 70+ point player starting this upcoming season. $6sh million is the sweet spot for a 60sh point player, so he already fits that criteria with room for growth.
  14. SwedeLundin77


  15. SwedeLundin77

    Rumors Thread

    Isn’t this old news? He was seen golfing this past weekend and it’s up in the air.