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  1. Reilly Webb - http://www.eliteprospects.com/player.php?statsleague=Norway&player=273694&team=&year=&status=&leagueid=&season= Did everyone just decide to quit? Haha
  2. Do you have any setting other than "crybaby?" Just curious.
  3. Lane Zablocki... listed as a center on Eliteprospects: http://www.eliteprospects.com/player.php?player=247919 Ranked #52 NHL Central Scouting
  4. Kotkansalo - Announced commitment to Boston University (10/15/16)
  5. I understand what you're saying, and I'm frustrated as well, but I also didn't have a chubby for Vilardi to start. He said they were going to concentrate on centers and defense... they got a big center who was ranked anywhere from 5-15, so I'm failing to see why the sky is necessarily falling. Annoyed, sure, but 16 teams passed on Vilardi so maybe something was up with him that we didn't know about.
  6. Pulkinnen was also a very solid pure goal scorer... haha.
  7. I"m confused as to why there are so many commercials if they're all on time... this should be a limited commercial event.
  8. Effff, I jinxed it. Again, this draft is boring AF!
  9. Well... Makar is still out there, doubt he slides to 9, though.
  10. Stars keeping 3rd pick according to TheFourthPeriod.... this draft bores me so far. Holland couldn't get a 7th for himself, let alone a 1st rounder.
  11. It just takes a simple search of his stats to understand he's not that good. He had one good season with 33 points in 14/15. Other than that, he's never broken 26 points and was a -21 last season. He also has never, not one time, played a full season. The only way this move makes sense is if we are moving Ericsson out and replacing him with Hamhock.
  12. Please God, do not let us give away assets for Travis Hamonic.... he's not that good, I'd rather we go get Brendan Smith back. That's saying a lot because I was happy we moved him.
  13. They're probably better off waiting until free agency: -Ryan Miller -Jonathan Bernier -Ondrej Pavelec -Brian Elliott -Chad Johnson -Michael Leighton -Mike Condon
  14. So you think Athanasiou plus, say a mid-round pick for Vatanen is overpayment?