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  1. hathorlive

    Article on FAs and Red Wings

    If I have to listen to one more person whose never been to Michigan dis Detroit, I'm going to scream. I actually moved here last year over Chicago because I have the opportunity to own a house. Detroit is not why FAs aren't signing. Something is very wrong with this team, be it the team vibe, the coach or management. From what I've heard from insiders (people who actually work with the team) Babcock has lost the locker room. Until we figure out the problem and solve it, there will be rough times ahead. And if the GM can't diagnosis the problem then perhaps he needs a new job.
  2. hathorlive

    Dan Cleary may return...sigh

    At the season ticket holder fan event last year, during the autograph signings, my friend told Cleary that it was strange not seeing him in the number 11 jersey. He proceeded to ***** about that for 3 entire minutes, in front of fans and 2 of his team mates. I was tempted to say that if he'd not played games with the contract, he might still be number 11. My friend ushered me away as quickly as possible. I'm going to go out on a limb and say that Mr. Cleary has a healthy ego and probably doesn't see GR as an option.
  3. hathorlive

    What's wrong with Pasha? (Mod warning post #57)

    How will you all feel if he plays in Sochi injured and comes back with a medal and a more serious injury that knocks him out of the rest of the season? I remember Stevie Y doing this in 2002 and I ask all of you, is it worth missing a chance at the playoffs?
  4. hathorlive

    1/24 GDT: Canadiens 1 at Red Wings 4

    Cold miserable night. Check. Sold tickets to friend of a friend who calls and says they can't make it. Check. Going to a game that starts in five minutes with an extra ticket. Check. I guess there are worse problems to have.
  5. hathorlive

    1/22 GDT : Blackhawks 4 at Red Wings 5 (SO)

    The best part of the night was walking out of the arena as they played "the night Chicago died" on the sound system. Hee. Loved the fourth line tonight. I'm ready for a youth movement.
  6. hathorlive

    Darren McCarty Book Excerpts

    I was at the book signing tonight and I'm very glad that my friend went to get our wrist bands and purchase the books at lunch time. They sold out of the book, ran out of the stock from the warehouse and the place was crazy with wing fans. Dmac was very funny, talked to every person in line (we were the 93rd people to get signed) and is probably still signing books in the parking lot. He took pictures with everyone and generally was a very nice guy. He told the guy in front of me that he thinks the alumni game will be fun but he's not put on skates in over a year. He also said that while Drapes has a workout plan for the game, that he and Maltby would probably down some beers and go. I didn't ask him to sign my book "thanks for last night" but I was tempted. I asked him if my friend and I could "oreo" him for a picture and he laughed and said that was discussed in chapter 14. He grabbed the mic at one point and called the next group of numbers and told everyone that their order was ready for pick up. I have some pics if anyone is interested. He looked really good. Felt even better, lol. He's a nice solid hunk of guy. Ahem from a female's perspective, lol.
  7. hathorlive

    Looking for advice/attending a Wings home game

    Yes. It's very good. Not quite as good as Memphis, but very very good and well worth a stop. Go early and before you get hungry because there is always a line. Someone else mentioned Astoria, which I love as well. I would like to say that if you are a cultured kind of group, the Diego Rivera murals at the Detroit Institute of Art are worth the price of entry. But I like art, so your mileage may very. I just moved to Detroit a few months ago but my friend and I move around most parts of town without feeling threatened. We're also females. As someone said, use a GPS and when the lights go away, turn around. This is really NOT the city to get lost in. Make sure you take a lot of quarters if you plan on using the people mover. It's 75 cents a ride and not all of the change machines work. I love Cheli's chili. And there's a pretty nice beer selection as well. They have a shuttle to the Joe as well. Walk down Woodward a bit just for fun. There are actually people in Detroit. I was shocked the first time I walked around. If you like bread bakery stuff, go to Avalon. It's good stuff. Have a great trip!
  8. hathorlive

    11/19 GDT: Predators 2 at Red Wings 0

    That is actually a good point. I wouldn't feel guilty if I got kicked out of the game. At this point, I'm going to games out of guilt for the money we spent on season tickets. It's been my dream to have season tickets. I moved to Detroit partly for hockey (and being around people who talk hockey). It pains me that I find games a drain on my life and boring. At home at least I can play with my dog and read magazines. My friend is threatening to bring a book on THursday. I'm working on a "seven deadly Red Wings" poster. I especially like Quincey being sloth. It's just way more effort and art talent than I have. The kids will never grow if you don't throw them into the big rink and let them play.
  9. hathorlive

    11/19 GDT: Predators 2 at Red Wings 0

    Last night the people sitting behind us started chanting "Bring Back Cheli". I figured it made sense. If you want old and slow, he's got that. But he actually has some hockey awareness that most of your current Dman lack. My sign read "I show up for every game, you should too" but we were discouraged from taking it to the ice level during warm up.
  10. hathorlive

    What would you do?...

    I really have to wonder what happens when guys like Nyquist become a RF or worse an UFA. Why the heck would he tolerate a management team that has kept him in GR way longer than he deserved? I would live in fear that I'd be sent down (or up or over or put on waivers) because management was so stupid they continued to sign players that were too old or not needed. We were all convinced this was Nyquists year and there he sits in GR. The Wings management need to be very careful about who they screw over today because people aren't taking the hometown discount and they aren't going to stay around when you've dicked them over for years.
  11. hathorlive

    GDT: Capitals 4 @ Red Wings 3 (SO)

    Hum...seemed like Holland wasn't complaining about shoot outs when he had goalies like Hasek that tended to eat shooters for breakfast. Howard won't be our starting goalie in three years let alone five. Petr will get the job sooner rather than later. I'm not sure how Jimmy can stop a puck in traffic with ten bodies in front of him, holding off deflections and rebounds but he can't stop a single guy moving in straight at him? I had a friend at practice this morning and he said very few wings were on the ice. Hum... y'all might want to try practicing. It might not make you perfect but it might stop you from sucking. I have pics he took of the locker room if anyone wants to see them. And of the bench. That bench looks mighty hard. Maybe Cleary and Sammy could try riding it?? I've been to every home game this year and it's just getting harder and harder to walk to the Joe. Heck, I offered to help someone pack to get out of it tonight. I'm tired of Babcock and his "The mule was great, after hybernating all season, he poked his head out of his den, scored twice and then saw his shadow and went back in. We'll see him next year for another two goals". I'm tired of his bs. And I can't understand how Quincey has a job in the NHL. Does anyone know how many of the goals he's been on the ice for?
  12. hathorlive

    Cleary in, Tatar out against Caps

    I think when I shelled out $$$ for tickets and have to sit through loss after loss, I'm at least entitled to a little complaining. I love the team but it's not exactly fun sitting at the Joe watching them lose in over time or regular time to teams like Dallas. And I think we're seeing a pretty significant pattern that's not exactly a snap judgement.
  13. hathorlive

    Cleary in, Tatar out against Caps

    The sad thing is that I have to go see the game tonight knowing that Cleary is in. Why not hit me up with that info when I'm stuck in my seat at the Joe? Going to games has become an obligation lately. Especially since I can't remember the last time they won a game at home. I don't know whose blame (Coach or GM) so I'll stick with blaming Quincey.
  14. hathorlive

    10/30 GDT: Red Wings 2 at Canucks 1

    Does anyone know what channel the game is on in Detroit (comcast). I'm still trying to get used to the new cable system. I can only find a regular def version and not a HD one. Thanks!
  15. hathorlive

    Pray for Pekka Rinne

    Sending good thoughts to him and his family for a speedy recovery!