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  1. probably because he missed the last half of the AHL season and playoffs due to a broken ankle, so they might be giving him an early start to look at his conditioning after the summer
  2. Bertuzzi-Glendening-Callahan..just a fantasy, I know, but that would be a Troll line
  3. Bertuzzi with a great performance in the third period..playing his pest style, blocking shots on the PK & getting two important goals as the Storm win 5-2 over the Oil Kings
  4. "The first-round pick is in the 2015 NHL Draft and the conditional second-round selection is in 2014. The second-round pick becomes a first-round pick if the Rangers reach the Eastern Conference Final this season. Also, if Callahan signs a contract with the Lightning, the Rangers would receive Tampa Bay's second-round pick in 2015 in exchange for New York's seventh-round choice in 2015." so the St. Louis trade went pretty darn well for Stevie, he essentially turned a bad situation into 2 first round picks and an opportunity to negotiate with Callahan
  5. He was standing and it was not his fault, someone moved the bench while they were standing on it and he and a trainer fell down..he said he didn`t feel a thing because he was in full gear, but he felt sorry for the trainer who had no protection
  6. Marchenko is probably ahead of those two in terms of being ready for NHL duty..and we also have Jensen, Backman & Almquist waiting for a chance to show Lashoff his rightful place as a healthy scratch
  7. just a nitpick
  8. not true..guys from the CHL can jump in when their season ends edit: see Athanasiou, Paterson, Nastasiuk as an example
  9. not really..it looked like they outplayed the canes, at least when you take into account how many empty net scoring chances they missed (Goose, Tats, Gator), but I agree that their intensity went down a notch, aside from the kid line
  10. gdt

    Hackett probably in goal for BUF
  11. Jurco hopes he can play against the Habs!
  12. gdt

    so you ***** about people bitching..well that`s new and refreshing for a change
  13. gdt

    Devils with a 2 goal lead..keep it up Reimer haha 3 goal lead the moment I posted this
  14. gdt

    I see you`re at it again..is that the disappointment from being shutout by the Blues that keeps you lurking here?
  15. GDT

    still wrong forum