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  1. captain2005

    Looking ahead at expansion draft

    Yeah but it would be way more entertaining. You know what we pay for when we watch the NHL, entertainment. So tough if it hurts their feelings. They are supposed to be professionals.
  2. captain2005

    2016 Playoffs % chances (part II)

    Yeah everybody seems to be having a hard time with the math. And Boston has been way worse than us in the last month. Couple of weeks ago we were talking about how we had to keep pace with Philly and that was the only chance we had. You could look at it as Boston is due for a resurgence, but I don't thinks so. We've had horrible puck luck all month, I chose to have faith we will show up, like we did the last three years it was this tight.
  3. captain2005

    2016 Playoffs % chances (part II)

    The rangers are the final game of the season, and they might be resting key players, as they won't probably have much to play for by then. So that might be an easy win. As long as we beat Boston and win one more game, which I know is a lot, we are guaranteed to get in. I hope they win out, but we don't have too. Plus Boston hasn't exactly been world beaters lately either. They are 3-7-0 in their last 10, and that includes a flukey win over ST Louis.
  4. captain2005

    First time visitor to Detroit

    Hey guys, just touched down last night, first time in Detroit,here to see them smash the Aves. Any suggestions on good bars or restaurants to go to before or after a game? Really enjoying this city, everyone is so friendly, it's awesome.
  5. captain2005

    Blame Canada

    I couldn't get the South Park song out of my head. Trying to think of a clever title. I just wanted to share excitement for my games I'm going too.
  6. captain2005

    Blame Canada

    So going to my second and third game this week. Gonna watch them do battle with Alberta when they meet the Oilers and the Flames. Girlfriend and I are going to rock our new Zetterberg and Abdelkader jersey's. Got my dad coming too, and some friends I haven't seen in a really long time. Just hope they are able to turn their game around, it would be great to see some wins. Only other game I saw was a pretty poor performance against Vancouver last year. Go Wings Go Also yeah Zetterberg for playing so well, hope he can keep it up. Can't wait to see Larkin live, just suck the Magic Man won't be there.
  7. captain2005

    10/3 Exhibition GDT : Red Wings at Toronto Maple Leafs, 7:00 EST

    You know what doesn't work very well in written form guys? I got a hint, rimes with arcasm.
  8. captain2005

    Goalie Battle

    goalies Mrazek and Howard have played in three preseason games each. Howard: 2.00 GAA and .943 SV%; Mrazek: 2.38 GAA and .929 SV% Just read this, I'm sure some of you have as well. Just thought it was interesting. For the record, I'm a fan of both, but really like Howard, and feel kind of bad for him last year, so I'm hoping he can still hopefully pull it out, and extend his career.
  9. captain2005

    Need a little Abdelkader help please

    I'm not, I'm definitely getting one now that he seems more likely to stay on the team. I'm new to the hockey thing, wasn't sure if it's considered bad taste to have someones jersey if they have left the team, and if she would want to wear it if he played for someone else like Boston (shudder). And I'm not made of money, the cheapest is around 175$ before shipping, it's a big commitment. Besides she doesn't know that much about hockey, the main reason she wants him is because I sang his praises so much last year. But thanks for everyone's input.
  10. captain2005

    Need a little Abdelkader help please

    Touche Thanks guys, makes that decision a lot easier. Any website in particular you guys like to order from? We were looking here
  11. captain2005

    Need a little Abdelkader help please

    Ladies and gents, I am about to buy my girlfriend her first Jersey. I've been trying to get her to pick a player, and she is really adamant about getting Abdelkader. Great, I love him, but I don't want to spend the 180$ on a jersey for a guy who might not be with the team next year. I've been trying to talk to her about getting Dekeyser, or Nyquist or Sheahan just because I figure they are guaranteed to be on the team longer. She really wants number 8 though. So my question, what are the odds he resigns? If he doesn't does it really matter? Is it considered poor to wear a jersey for a guy not on the team anymore? Thanks any feedback welcome. Also any recomendations on websites to order from?
  12. captain2005

    Gustav Nyquist signed 4-Year Deal $4.75 mill AAV

    Fair enough. I'm new to all of this, but we all can agree we miss Capgeek though right. I just read a quote, that Holland expects to be just slightly over the cap limit after resigning Jurco and Pulks. I would love to see him move someone though, not for another player, maybe draft picks or something.
  13. captain2005

    Gustav Nyquist signed 4-Year Deal $4.75 mill AAV

    I'm not sure if anything in that post was correct. Not saying this site is 100% correct but we are 8th on here, with 25 players signed. Chicago is first, over the cap limit and only has 20 players. Even if these aren't 100% accurate we are definitely not the 2nd in the league, and not everything will be as negative as this post, and all your other ones indicates.
  14. captain2005

    WCQF : (7) Winnipeg Jets vs. (1) Anaheim Ducks

    Apparently the Ducks can.