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  1. diehardredwingsfan58

    Jake Walman Megathread

    Yeah if we get a 2nd for him. Yzerman has been eyeing him since his junior days, Pretty sure Yzerman will resign him. he's been really good with Mo Seider.
  2. diehardredwingsfan58

    Larkin & Bertuzzi Contract Watch? Red Wings TDL Discussion.

    Stop spreading misinformation, I just watched the Woodward Sports episode in question, Under anytime did they ever say that Yzerman wouldn't budge. it wasn't even brought up at all.
  3. diehardredwingsfan58

    Larkin & Bertuzzi Contract Watch? Red Wings TDL Discussion.

    How would Woodward Sports know what Yzerman will or will not do, Outside of D Mac Woodward sports is run by a bunch of hacks who no nothing about hockey. The latest offer from Yzerman to Larkin according to Darren Dreger is 8 x $8,500,000 which is way more than enough for Larkin and it's right in his comparable ranges. Woodward sports is a joke most of them outside of Dmac are a bunch of idiots and they don't no a single thing of what Yzerman will or will not do.
  4. diehardredwingsfan58

    Larkin & Bertuzzi Contract Watch? Red Wings TDL Discussion.

    Yzermans original offer to Larkin was 8x8 it's now up to 8x8.5 per Darren Dreger So we shall see.
  5. diehardredwingsfan58

    Larkin & Bertuzzi Contract Watch? Red Wings TDL Discussion.

    That came from Darren Dreger who was on the Friedman Marek podcast, And Dreger was the one that mentioned that Yzerman opened up with a 8 x $8,000,000 offer to Dylan Larkin and Larkins camp came back at 8 x $9,500,000. And they also mentioned that Yzerman is currently talking to Bertuzzi's agent on a new deal. You can blame Kuznetsov for making Vrana a full blown crackhead from his days with the Capitals. I'm even surprised that Kuznetsov is still playing hockey.
  6. diehardredwingsfan58

    Cossa Sucks

    That's impossible, They don't exist. LOL You do understand that most Goalies don't even mature until thy're 23 years old. And Cossa is 20 now
  7. diehardredwingsfan58

    Rumors Thread

    I'd do that in a heartbeat, We need an upgrade on our RD.
  8. diehardredwingsfan58

    Cossa Sucks

    Wallstedt also played against men over in the SHL for a couple of seasons. So he had a head start against Cossa. And it's not like he's putting up spectacular number either.
  9. diehardredwingsfan58

    Rumors Thread

    LOL Even with an extension, Bo Horvat doesn't return a blue chip prospect like Sebastian Cossa.
  10. diehardredwingsfan58

    Cossa Sucks

    Cossa is only 19 most goalies don't find their game until they're closer to 23 years old. He'll be fine. Saying that he sucks when this is his first season playing against men. Is a little premature.
  11. diehardredwingsfan58

    12/6 - Elmo Sodastream Returns GDT - Good guys @ Tampa *** - 7PM EST

    Lalonde said probably by the Dallas game.
  12. diehardredwingsfan58

    New New Prospects Thread

    He had Covid and was pretty sick there for awhile. Yup with Covid they said.
  13. diehardredwingsfan58

    New New Prospects Thread

    1 goal on 34 shots during the tournament, definitely looked more solid than a year ago.
  14. diehardredwingsfan58

    2023 Offseason

    Bertuzzi isn't making no $8,000,000 per, Larkin will get about $9,000,000 per and Bertuzzi between $6,500,000 to $7,000,000 per. Yeah lets just trade players we recently signed, Not trading Husso. Cossa is still 3-4 years away from NHL ready. And Chiarot is better than what we had last year at LD. Fabbri after 3 torn ACLs has 0 value. Might as well just keep him on IR next 3 seasons. Outside of real money he's cost us nothing cap wise.
  15. diehardredwingsfan58

    Husso's New Mask

    That's a pretty awesome mask that Ville Husso has there, I like it i like it.