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  1. Gniwder

    All Purpose Grand Rapids Griffins Thread

    Riley Barber: 12 pt (7 goals) in 8 games Hirose: 8 pts in 5 games How these two are not on the Wings roster amazes me. Hirose has only 6 games with the Wings, but his scoring per icetime is one of the best on the team. Only thing holding him back is his small frame. Not sure he can withstand a full NHL season at that size, but he's one of the best playmakers we have. Barber has been a dynamo in college and in the AHL, is a full 200 lbs and only 26, but has only ever been afforded 9 games in the NHL by the Caps and Habs. YZERMAN PUT THIS GUY ON THE TEAM GOOD LORD. Of all teams we are the one who can make it happen for this guy. His talents far exceed half the forward roster.
  2. Gniwder

    2021 NHL Trade Deadline Thread - April 12, 2021

    I don't think that's even a remote possibility. Ryan signed that deal so he would be easy to move. He's gonna go to a contender to compete for his cup.
  3. Gniwder

    Mantha or AA - Which Player is Lazier?

    AA can skate circles around Mantha cause Mantha refuses to even skate. He's basically Jon Ericsson the forward. Pylon.
  4. Gniwder

    Goalie Flame War

    Steve didn't give Jimmy another deal cause Jimmy went to poop Jimmy was 36 at the time. Greiss is 35 and has never even been a starter over his entire career like Jimmy has. "Hey 1 year younger fatter goalie whose never had this level of responsibility before, you're better than Jimmy right?" It's moronic in hindsight. Folks don't apologize for Holland, so I refuse to apologize for Yzerman. It's a bad deal all the way around. And now it looks like Greiss is a Nazi on top of all things. Simply fantastic Stephen, Nazi's go great in the lockerroom.
  5. Gniwder

    News From Around the NHL *Mod warning page 75*

    Should have never bought out Abdelkader. Zabinejad's harem is large enough for two inshallah
  6. Gniwder

    News From Around the NHL *Mod warning page 75*

    Zabinejad speaks Swedish, Finnish, Russian, English, French, and Farsi fluently. He's a nationless cosmopolitan. Pass.
  7. Gniwder

    Tony DeAngelo

    1990s me: I really enjoy hard rock styles with fast tempos, harmonized leads, that feature 9 minute instrumental tracks, with aggressive but socially conscious lyrics 2021 me: I just wanna hear Finnish people growl
  8. Gniwder

    Tony DeAngelo

    Or Dave Mustaine getting kicked out of Metallica for being too metal. I say we hire Babs and Bill Peters to coach Trade Mantha for Evander Kane Trade Glendog for Austin Watson Sign Hoffman, Voynov, DeAngelo, and Leipsic in the offseason And go for gold D-Boss and the D-boys
  9. Gniwder

    Tony DeAngelo

    1. Larkin is best friends with known DJTer and Qanonist Zach Werenksi 2. Greiss is a far-right DJTer 3. Marc Staal likes DeAngelo 4. Cross Hanas is a known DJTer and Qanon fan I'm starting to think DeAngelo would fit in well around here...
  10. Gniwder

    Red Wings players / prospects on loan

    Editor in Chief of Swedish hockey news ballot for best Allvenskans junior player. It should be noted that Clang and Ward are both goalies. Therefore he believes Wallinder is the best Dman, and Neiderbach the best forward.
  11. Gniwder

    Mantha or AA - Which Player is Lazier?

    I remember the old ways
  12. Gniwder

    News From Around the NHL *Mod warning page 75*

    Captain retardo knows no logic
  13. Gniwder

    2021 Off-Season (Too Soon?)

    Yeah I mean I get it. Stop gaps so we lose and draft high. I just would have preferred signings more similar to Merrill, Stecher, and Namestnikov. At least they're still in their 20s and we can get some prime years out of them. Greiss has already decimated whatever value he had this prior offseason. Filppula on waivers pretty much means his value is zero as well. Maybe someone takes these guys at 50% off? I just doubt it.
  14. Gniwder

    2021 Off-Season (Too Soon?)

    Guys like Driedger could be a Binnington waiting to happen, or they could be an Andrew Hammond. Regardless - IMO - this is the time to experiment with younger goalies. Bernier and Greiss both won't be here when we become competitive again. Pretty much all of Yzerman's UFA signings look pretty retarded from a competitive and forward thinking stand point. I guess Merrill and Stecher are at least cheap... his two big signings in Fil and Greiss haven't helped the team at all, and from Chris Illitches view point he pissed away 10.2 million dollars on them