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  1. mackel

    2018 Prospects Watch

    The back and forth would seem to indicate otherwise.
  2. mackel

    2018 Prospects Watch

    Well I know now, but by then you'll have finally figured it out. See I can be condescending too... tosser.
  3. mackel

    2018 Prospects Watch

    We'll know in 3 years... I look forward to being right.
  4. mackel

    2018 Prospects Watch

    I've watched Zadina play live quite often... i have an informed opinion. I'm sorry that you don't like it but don't blame this flare-up on me... if you don't throw the bait I don't respond simple as that.
  5. mackel

    2018 Prospects Watch

    You actually brought it back up with your baiting #bust tag. I've said all along I'd love to be wrong and I might be... but an AHL point streak is far from proving anyone anything just yet.
  6. mackel

    2018 Prospects Watch

    I view Tatar as his ceiling... so let's say for the sake of argument that's what happens. I would term that a bust. A high 1st rounder turning out to be a middling NHLer to my mind is a bust, especially when at this point you're offering up Kucherov as his ceiling.
  7. mackel

    2018 Prospects Watch

    Woah you quoted me and I'd not said that.... weird.
  8. mackel

    2018 Prospects Watch

    Even Yakupov 1.0 had decent stretches... 2.0 is bound to as well. You're looking at trees not a forest. #opinions #eyetest #bust
  9. mackel

    Rumors Thread

    If that happens... Kenny can stay... Yzerman who? But I'm afraid I'm taking this with an Everest sized grain of salt.
  10. When Trotz became available I was convinced he'd be the wings new coach... that was a missed opportunity. I was also rooting for Mark Hunter as GM. But I got neither wish :-(
  11. Kip that's ridiculous. He was thought very highly of over his long tenure in Nashville... they didn't fare well in the playoffs once they built a decent team... that had far less to do with Trotz than it did with the Wings and Hawks and other really strong teams they came up against. The CAP playoff curse was on Ovechkin not Trotz... Maybe or maybe not... its doubtful we'd be any worse.
  12. Good maybe... I'm not convinced... will their be better options available I'd thisk so. A great coach can make a huge difference look at Trotz in Long Island. He's made chocolate pudding out of dog crap... nothing short of a miracle. Where do we sit this minute 2 points ahead of Ottawa (the dumpster fire of the NHL).
  13. I think once he's done here it'll be hard for him to get a job... if he does it'll be with a team in a non-traditional hockey market where teams have sucked for ever...
  14. mackel

    Official 2019 Offseason Rebuild Thread

    Total Sidebar.... If we extend Blashill, does it follow that Holland remains as GM? I think many people (including myself) would love to see Yzerman step in and take over as GM. Would he be in on a resigning of Blash? Would he only want the GM job if he had the ability to choose his own staff?
  15. I'm not entirely sure what you mean.... if calling you out on your self righteous BS. is gaslighting then so be it.