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  1. mackel

    2023 Offseason Thread

    Maybe I'm reading too much into preseason action... BUT I think you're onto something here. The system and play looks "tight" I think the boys could really surprise. I'm also hoping some younger guys get meaningful time in the NHL like Soda, Kasper, etc
  2. mackel

    And we are off and running for Preseason

    I'm ok with this but it's never going to happen. That CHL agreement needs to change; it's hurting player development and killing that league as guys opt for other leagues.
  3. mackel

    And we are off and running for Preseason

    I've not been able to get a through look has Veleno looked decent? Or is it time to get rid of him and open a roster spot?
  4. mackel

    And we are off and running for Preseason

    This is not encouraging!
  5. Bultman does at times come off as arrogant... like a fan who happened to get behind the veil and likes to flaunt his minor insiderness. He does however produce some nice articles on the athletic... but his takes are conservatively team friendly so not to lose his inside track.
  6. mackel

    2023 Offseason Thread

    Lol No, they took who they thought was the better goalie long term... if they're right great, if not... next man up.
  7. mackel

    New New Prospects Thread

    I respect this... be warned it's a dark path. If you're eventually proven right, only a few will acknowledge it... the rest will re-write their own history.
  8. mackel

    New New Prospects Thread

    Not to mention our defense in this tournament amounts to 6 traffic cones.
  9. mackel

    2023 Offseason Thread

    You must be fun at parties.
  10. mackel

    New New Prospects Thread

    Didn't see Cossa play, let in 2, but did he play well?
  11. mackel

    The Yzerplan to Date

    Not ALL... again a few of us knew right from day 1!
  12. mackel

    The Yzerplan to Date

    100% he drafted Zadina on hype and media draft rankings. I believe they didn't do enough scouting on him assuming he'd be off the board.
  13. mackel

    The Yzerplan to Date

    It's nice now that everyone is recognizes what a strident few knew all along. #BustyColdZadina
  14. mackel

    Zadina Says It I've never seen a guy so obsessed.... hope he's in the extra Liga by Christmas.
  15. mackel

    Zadina Says It

    The more Zadina talks, the more I understand why he's s bust... he's a petulant child, doesn't take ownership of his lack of development and professional failings... it's everyone else's fault and he's a victim blah, Blah, BLAH.