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  1. Ken Holland contract extension watch This is a good if not depressing read.
  2. Looks like we are right!! This is a good if not depressing read.
  3. Tatar, Athanasiou, and XO's new deals

    I re-read this article from TSN... it's no wonder Tats wants 7 years... looking at the dollars and term we're shelling out for average and mediocre players I'm stunned he isn't looking for 7x7.
  4. Off-season moves

    I wonder if Kenny has talked to Jagr yet? 4 years 16 million?
  5. Off-season moves

    Bottom line Daley is now arguably our best defenceman. I think that speaks to just how aweful our defence is. Compare our 6 to Calgary, Nashville, Minnesota, or Anaheim and try not to have a mental breakdown.
  6. Wow a Michigan guy... great... Cause that's worked really well already.
  7. Off-season moves

    My guess 3yrs @ 4mil per.
  8. Ken Holland contract extension watch

    I was in the process of posting something like this yesterday when my tablet died. If we don't I worry we'll turn into the Oilers of the late 90 through the early 2010's... a collection of glory days guys running the show with few results. (Othe than that one improbable run to the finals)
  9. Breaking News

    Their are a few folks on this board who need to send a resume to Little Caesars Arena... Because they're apparently draft experts.
  10. 2017 Draft

    That's not how I see it, but I can agree to disagree. Either way the pick was very vanilla, no trades, no rumors of trades involving us (that I heard). Our expensive, unimpressive roster looks like it's going to be back in its entirety and than makes me sad
  11. 2017 Draft

    No not really the talk about our pick was that he's a jack of all trades master of none. Solid not flashy, etc.
  12. 2017 Draft

    We obviously don't need a player right away... look at the "compete level" of our guys... I mean we are a cap team so clearly we're good right? UGH! I think the NHL has passed Holland by... he seems so pensive, safe and conservative. That St Louis move was agresive and shrewd, Klim may not work out, but it's better than wringing your hands off by yourself at your draft table.
  13. 2017 Draft

    Who is this "we" you're talking about?
  14. 2017 Draft

    Absolutely I bet he can do at least one pull up lol.
  15. 2017 Draft

    I was absolutely pumped Middelstat was taken 8th. I was terrified we were going to draft him.