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  1. mackel

    DET claims G Hellberg from SEA

    I'm really hoping it's a Ned trade... I think he's a UFA after the season and he seems like a guy that needs to play to be in form. It's clearly Husso's net so a solid backup is all we need. I'd put him in a package for something... we do also have a pending logjam at forward, and Johnny Bear-Grin shouldn't be sent down.
  2. mackel

    New New Prospects Thread

    Isn't his middle name Ivan aswell? That would make him pizza, pizza, pizza.
  3. mackel

    2023 Offseason

    Why trade Husso?
  4. mackel

    Zadina Effort vs Skill

    The article is bad... the same excuses we see here... its the fault of his linemates and usage, which is simply untrue. The contract is great, he'll be gone by no later than the end of year 1.
  5. mackel

    2022 Draft / UFA

    He's not worthy of a thread.
  6. mackel

    2022 Draft / UFA

    He has better linemates because he's a one trick pony... unless he's scoring (which he isn't) he's useless... think Pulkinen, Brunner, etc. It's our bad luck our GM just looked at the TSN draft list and didn't understand why Busty was available at 6.
  7. mackel

    2022 Draft / UFA

    Ras wasn't a smart pick at 9, no doubt... but he's a better player than Zadina. It's not even close. Zadina needs to be babysat on the ice. Ras has the size, strength and increasingly the mentality to be a line 2/3 power forward. Right now given hindsight I'd swallow the Ras pick but not the Zadina pick. Not facts and not correct. Double cluster fack. ^^ THIS ^^
  8. mackel

    2022 Draft / UFA

    2 years at league minimum... that's my offer. I'd settle at league minimum plus 150k for 2 years. If he doesn't like the offer GTFO we have players just as good wanting your roster spot.
  9. mackel

    2022 Draft / UFA

    Ras was a draft reach... he has size and a defensive game that makes him more flexible (top 6 or bottom 6) and he's been more productive offensively than Zadina who is an offense only option who was was projected Ascari top 3 pick. And yes draft position matters... if we drafted Zadina in the 7th round people would be thrilled., we wasted a top 10 pick on a waiver caliber player.
  10. mackel

    2022 Draft / UFA

  11. mackel

    2022 Draft / UFA

    @kipwinger just stop dude... in 2 years when this POS is playing in the Czech extraliga these slappys will be saying he's still under 30 and this is part of his development or some such delusional nonsense. Those of us who knew the pick was bad on draft night have been proved right every time the guy hits the ice... the worst part is if he's not producing offense he has nothing else to contribute. Yet he was out produced by Ras in both points and goals... albeit Ras played 6 more games... that musssst be the difference lol
  12. mackel

    2022 Draft / UFA

    Yes I'd trade him, if he showed any signs of improvement... I'd capitalize and trade him before he regressed back to being his mediocre self.
  13. mackel

    2022 Draft / UFA

    Kip said it best... Chicago has not qualified atleast 2 better players the last 2 years... Suter and Kubalik. If you were to shop Zadina as the primary asset in a trade you're getting a 3rd round pick tops. It's more likely to be a 4th. His draft slot does matter... he's a borderline NHL player taken 6OA. unless he's sheltered in the top 6 with someone to do the heavy lifting he's useless and barely better than useless when he's been given top 6 and PP minutes.
  14. mackel

    2022 Draft / UFA

    I'm saying that he is currently a worthless asset. If he has some sort or outlier season and gains any trade value... capitalize on it before he returns to the mean of mediocrity that defines his existence as a bust.
  15. mackel

    2022 Draft / UFA

    He's a scrub... "insert name here" type guy. 100% replaceable 100% unremarkable.