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  1. Veleno is still young... As long as he plays a game or two on the 4th line for a few years he'll be worthy of that late 1st.
  2. Yes, there will always be idiots.
  3. I think this has a lot to do with the lack of vaccination... I think he wanted to make that point and the COVID protocol is only furthering the point. We're much better when he plays... that contract has to have a vaccination clause though, enough of this not playing in Canada.
  4. It's a miracle... I just witnessed a miracle.
  5. mackel

    11/27 GDT - Blades at Wheels - 7 PM EST

    Lucas Raymond is f***in awesome!
  6. mackel

    11/27 GDT - Blades at Wheels - 7 PM EST

    Rowney's goal changed to Rowney...
  7. mackel

    11/27 GDT - Blades at Wheels - 7 PM EST

    Lol... if I were Rowney I'd be pissed... but I guess it is the season of charity.
  8. mackel

    New New Prospects Thread

    HF that's the dumbest thing I've seen on this board in a long time. IMHO Zadina won't be a Red Wings to start next season... be that a prediction, hot take, gifted insight whatever... that's my prediction.
  9. mackel

    New New Prospects Thread

    I think @The 91 of Ryans should be disciplined for such a disgusting implication.
  10. mackel

    New New Prospects Thread

    Is that a coherent comment?
  11. mackel

    New New Prospects Thread

    ^^ this is also what I'm finding... people are defending him while simultaneously lowing the bar for him... very odd, especially for the rare ones amongst us that were right from the start.
  12. mackel

    New New Prospects Thread

    He's trash. End of story. Stop putting lipstick on the pig... it's still a pig.
  13. mackel

    New New Prospects Thread

    I watch the games and I don't see what these stats apparently capture... lots of bad passes, shots that miss the net by a country mile, poor decision making under the slightest pressure. He's a 3rd liner at best IMHO.
  14. mackel

    11/18 "Don´t Give In" GDT @ Vegas

    Ohhhh a fancy stat... he leads a fancy meaningless stat... gold star!! Maybe he should fill a net or two.