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  1. mackel

    2020 Offseason

    Hello elephant in the room... #Bust
  2. mackel

    Athanasiou v Gagner

    I'd opt for Abby since his contract is longer and more miserable to use a conventional buyout on.
  3. mackel

    Athanasiou v Gagner

    I was thinking of a compliance buyout, like the ones post lockout... this is apparently being discussed because of the impact this will likely have on the cap. If you have 1 freebie I think you'd have to axe Abby?
  4. mackel

    Athanasiou v Gagner

    Let's all home for some post Corona virus compliance buyouts... but if we get 1 compliance buyout who goes?? Abby or Nielsen?
  5. mackel

    2020 Draft Thread

    Funny, but this draft class is it's own entity. Look no further than last year at 6... we got a stud, where we got a dud at 6 in 2018 :-) Some red meat for you in these locked down times @The 91 of Ryans
  6. mackel

    2020 Draft Thread

    If we had the 1st pick and Ottawa had the 2nd plus 3, 4 or even... I'd gladly trade the 1st overall for those picks.
  7. mackel

    2C Options

    Respectfully, we have a 2C... Dylan Larkin
  8. mackel

    Howard = Average

    What he wants and what's gonna happen are two totally different things!
  9. They already have plans in the works to do just that... The anti-Red Wings bias of the league is really, really shining through. The only teams in the draft lottery really hurt by this early end to the season are teams like Montreal who were/are actively tanking. Teams that are bad, Detroit, Ottawa, SJ, LA, etc have been bad ALL season, that MUST be taken into account! Imagine in this deep draft, where if their is a god we'd have the 1st pick, we end up picking 6+; it sets this team back 3 years minimum.
  10. If anything we should be guaranteed the 1st pick... this wasn't a tank... it was the bottom of our cycle.
  11. If we somehow get cheated by the league under the pretense of "fairness" to other much better teams.... and lose out on at worst the 4th overall pick... I'd be wild.
  12. An article over on the Athletic states some NHL executives are talking about adjusting the lottery... some are suggesting a tournament. Can you imagine how f***ed we'd be if they make a change like that.
  13. This is what I was thinking also... but didn't want to accept...
  14. What is the general feeling out there? Do people think this season is absolutely over? Playoffs in the summer with no fans? What's the general feeling?
  15. mackel

    2020 Draft Thread

    As a Canadian I'm sorry you're so hostile toward us.... again sorry.