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  1. Their are a few folks on this board who need to send a resume to Little Caesars Arena... Because they're apparently draft experts.
  2. That's not how I see it, but I can agree to disagree. Either way the pick was very vanilla, no trades, no rumors of trades involving us (that I heard). Our expensive, unimpressive roster looks like it's going to be back in its entirety and than makes me sad
  3. No not really the talk about our pick was that he's a jack of all trades master of none. Solid not flashy, etc.
  4. We obviously don't need a player right away... look at the "compete level" of our guys... I mean we are a cap team so clearly we're good right? UGH! I think the NHL has passed Holland by... he seems so pensive, safe and conservative. That St Louis move was agresive and shrewd, Klim may not work out, but it's better than wringing your hands off by yourself at your draft table.
  5. Who is this "we" you're talking about?
  6. Absolutely I bet he can do at least one pull up lol.
  7. I was absolutely pumped Middelstat was taken 8th. I was terrified we were going to draft him.
  8. I'm not sure it does either, I'm throwing it out there as a possible line of reasoning.
  9. Looking at the list of available players and of course not knowing what side deals are in place, it's entirely possible that Vegas may have a better defence that we do. I'm a Mrazek fan but the logic may be that they see a cheaper option in Coreau. Also, he seems to fit the new mold for goalies he's big, Mrazek not so much.
  10. This is all well and good... but let's go back to the beginning... my original post to which you rudely replied... I, in no way said kids aren't called up. That may be what you projected on my post but it is NOT what was written. Their was no false narrative... Bumpy's reply projected the notion that I said we don't bring young players up. That is not what I posted... it may be what he/she incorrectly inferred I was thinking but the post doesn't allege that at all. I did say that we should get some of these guys (specific) on the roster to cut costs (they are cheaper than Helm, Abdel, Glendenning) and that it may change the culture of the team (which seems stagnant to me). That's not a false narrative and certainly not the narrative Bumpy was going on half cocked about. See above about the faulty assumption your first point is based on. You make a good point about Crosby and Malkin, you could also include Guentzel.
  11. What happened to this board? How is it a false narrative? We have a bunch of overpaid middling players that can and should be replaced with younger, cheaper, middling with some upside. If you disagree fine, but the over the top melodrama is a bit much. It's looking more and more like genuine discussion between fans has been replaced by gotcha backhanded commentary.
  12. Who pissed in your corn flakes?
  13. I totally agree... we need to get some of these guys on the roster to cut costs and change the culture of the team. It's too bad they are blocked by older, expensive versions of themselves. Look at the contributions Pittsburgh got from a few fresh legs from their AHL team.
  14. I was reading an article on tsn or sportsnet that suggested Edmonton, specifically Draisaitl may be a prime target for an offersheet. I'd love a bold move like this to get a high end player and shake up this roster.
  15. This sounds like "FAKE NEWS"....