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  1. mackel

    General Rebuild Discussion Thread

    The easiest solution is trade him with salary retained for a player with a horrible contract and only one year remaining. Play that player would be waived/demote to the AHL and the problem would go away in a year rather than two years.
  2. mackel

    2020 Draft Thread

    At this rate the SENS could have the 1st and 2nd overall pick and we pick 3+. That's assuming the Sharks are awful and the lottery really rigged. (Which it is) lol If that happens I think I'll be selling my NHL fan card.
  3. mackel

    TRADE ALERT! Wings Acquire Robby Fabbri

    These are harvested in October... in real countries :-)
  4. mackel

    TRADE ALERT! Wings Acquire Robby Fabbri

    Real countries have Thanksgiving in October...
  5. mackel

    TRADE ALERT! Wings Acquire Robby Fabbri

    We need someone... Howard seems to have fallen off a cliff and landed next to Bernier.... What would Markstrom cost do you reckon?
  6. How can anyone see this effort and not demand a coaching change... our team sucks yes... but.they could atleast hustle, try, etc. This is so effing pathetic!
  7. Is it in Madison even??? I don't see any cheese heads!
  8. mackel

    Bettman's Big Market Mess

    Somehow I think we'll pick 6th no matter where we finish.
  9. mackel

    Note to Coach

    We should do a fire Blashill poll... I'd love to see those results!
  10. Apparently @Wheelchairsuperhero has some pull.
  11. In honor of our starting goalie tonight!
  12. I see you're as agreeable as ever.
  13. We need lottery luck and a couple of can't miss prospects... not droppers Zadina, Veleno or reachers Seider. Project them however you want... they're not on the wings and won't be big time players until 2021 or later. A top flight prospect could improve this team the October after he's drafted and we desperately need that to allow our other prospects to ripen naturally.
  14. mackel

    2019-20 Red Wings News, Notes & Quotes...

    This caught my eye also!!