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  1. mackel

    New New Prospects Thread

    Ran tankathon a bunch of times this morning, the Blues who are 10th and the Canucks are 8th (oddly, despite more regulation wins) won the lottery in multiple simulations. The Wings didn't move up once. I think tankathon has build in the leagues anti Detroit bias into their algorithm.
  2. mackel

    2023 UFA / Draft

    The Hockey Writers, who are often out to lunch, suggested Lawson Crouse as a trade target... a big power forward that can score... sign me up!
  3. mackel

    2023 UFA / Draft

    I guess I was expecting Patrick Kane or Mitch Marner and so far I've gotten Gus Nyquist or Thomas Tatar...
  4. mackel

    2023 UFA / Draft

    He's still, as of now, the 2nd best player in that 1st round... but the difference between him and Stuzle is immense... and highlights the screwing we took in the fixed lottery.
  5. mackel

    2023 UFA / Draft

    Is anyone else seeing Raymond as a smaller Gus Nyquist? I'm just not sure this guy will move the needle in a big, big way. If he's a 2nd liner great, but it effectively means we're short another 1st line talent.
  6. mackel

    GDT 3/18/23 Wings host Colorado: The Simonizing

    He's looked pretty good... Zadina has looked awful. Slow to process the game and getting man handled physically. Not that he's alone there... this team needs to add some tough, defensively capable players or we're going nowhere.
  7. mackel

    Zadina Just Missed A Wide Open Net _Vs Hawks_GDT

    Nah, he's a Donkey; you Ass.
  8. mackel

    Zadina Just Missed A Wide Open Net _Vs Hawks_GDT

    BUT BUT BUT...... ohhhhhh check out his Advanced Stats.. his Expected blah blah blah. Even that crowd is now re-envisioning him as a defensive forward/mucker and trying to somehow convince themselves that's a good thing.
  9. mackel

    Zadina Just Missed A Wide Open Net _Vs Hawks_GDT

    Zadina will be a bottom 6 POS until he slinks back to Europe with millions of unearned dollars.
  10. mackel

    Zadina Just Missed A Wide Open Net _Vs Hawks_GDT

    Chaisson might be the new Hirose, career AHLer that goes on a spring heater to f*** the tank job.
  11. mackel

    New New Prospects Thread

    You forgot Zagina lit up the Q also... and we know how well he fill nets these days...
  12. mackel

    2020 Tank

    I actually hope the Isles pick slides to next year... they have a strong likelihood of falling off a cliff.
  13. mackel

    2020 Tank

    I just ran one sim and we went up 8 spots to nab the 2nd spot.
  14. mackel

    2023 UFA / Draft

    I hope next season Chiarot is a lock fir 3rd pair deployment.
  15. mackel

    2023 Trade Deadline Thread

    He got above market value on Hronek and Bert. Market value for Sunny... he also got something for a guy they couldn't give away and were going to buy out putting an extra year on the cap hit. The returns may not meet your homer overvaluation of the players traded but these trades were made in the real world.